Why is Trump Supporting the Saudi Regime?


Rohnert Park, CA
November 14, 2017

by Rich Scheck

One has to ask a serious question: Why is President Trump supporting the Saudi regime and the palace coup being orchestrated by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MbS)?

As Kevin Barrett suggests in his tongue in check manner, the effort to modernize the 7th Century monarchy will leave it with little to rely on once it moves beyond oil, corruption and terrorism.

Sending Boy Wonder Jared Kushner to schmooze with the heir apparent late into the night looks good on paper. Getting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to sign off on women drivers, listing their IPOs on the stock exchange and ending financial support for ISIS is a great baby step in the right direction.

But it’s all show, the superficial tactic of a (un)reality television game show host. Trump refuses to put America first and instead plays to the fears and hegemonic dreams of his political base who accept these feeble gestures at securing the realm.

The deeper reality is that the US is a dying empire. The $8+ trillion interest on the debt from the Bush/Cheney wars supported by both wings of the two-party tyranny to impose Pax Americana on a reluctant world is just one hallmark of a decaying political, moral and financial order.

Trump returns from his Asian pivot with the appearance of our continued world domination. The truth is he had to suck up to China despite his campaign rhetoric because our trade situation is so weak. Our wars are a waste of vital resources based on lies to fuel the always hungry military-industrial complex and appease those in DC who lobby so vigorously to perpetuate our many foreign entanglements.

As countless journalists and global affairs analysts are pointing out, backing the ongoing coup by MbS is a huge mistake. It reflects the thinking of those in Washington Paul Craig Roberts describes as “insane psychopaths” who believe the country is invulnerable. Trump was supposed to move us past the likes of John McCain and Hillary Clinton towards a more enlightened foreign policy but has instead opted for the same old, same old with more weapons sales and bellowing towards our manufactured enemies like Iran!

Our stock market is a big bubble. Our culture is filled with pedophiles and decadent Hollywood/music industry/sports “role” models. Virtually all the politicians are tainted and we have the corrupt of one party investigating those from the other while both are caught up in funny-money deals with the Russians. Our wars are based on lies and have led to the influx into Europe and America of the displaced and angry survivors. Mass shootings have gone from weekly to daily occurrences.

Many of the anti-Trump left are mindless, violence-prone ideologues who want the government to take care of them. The pro-Trump right includes ultra-nationalists and lots of racists who are indifferent to the plight of everyone else. It’s a very ugly mess!

Trump himself has a long list of scandals trailing behind him yet has chosen to back the Saudis—that wonderful bunch of 7th Century misogynists and pedophiles who benefit from trillions in oil wealth that they did nothing to earn which they use to fund ISIS terror.

Our country is badly broken. It’s just a matter of time before enough folks wake up and see the realm is not secure. No, it has been deeply penetrated like Rome after it was invaded by the mongrel hordes in the 5th century. How much longer we can keep kicking the can down the road remains to be seen but I doubt much longer.

Rather than securing the realm and sustaining American invincibility, we are rapidly heading for a big fall. Gerald Celente claims: “When all else fails, they start a war!” That move by Trump against Iran and/or North Korea will likely be blocked by Russia and China. Continuing our support for the Saudis will only accelerate what now seems like the inevitable collapse of our once great Republic.





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