Texas Church Massacre Another False Flag by a Programmed Assassin


The official story about Texas church shooting is no longer believable. 

It all sounded good at first, and came off as the first time I’d believe the “patsy dead” scenario. But now there is a surviving witness that is saying shots were coming from above,     

From Jim Stone:

and they are going to tear the church down because it is “too stark of a reminder”,
just like they tore down the theater the bat man shooting happened in. In the case of the batman shooting, it was because the evidence on scene did not support the official story, just like Vegas.

Throw in odd photos early on that were not showing bullet holes in the doors at first (why would there be bullet holes in the doors anyway) and now doors full of bullet holes, and things are starting to not add up anymore.

It is entirely possible that Texas was a false flag with an additional shooter. With the way the official story goes – “shooter leaves church, gets shot, wrecks car during pursuit, now dead” it does not leave out the possibility of a second shooter being there, and being unreported.
With a video of a witness saying that is exactly the case it leaves room for suspicion. Even one such witness can destroy an official story.
Whatever happened in Vegas may have gone to Texas.
Note:    A “False Flag” does NOT mean the shooting did not happen.     The term refers to our own government killing innocent Americans.


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