Do NFL ‘plays’ reflect the Purple Revolution game plan?


Purple Revolution out in the open

Comment submitted by Anonymous

Perhaps you have already noticed but haven’t unwound all the spin on this wormwinder yet. The wormwinder concept usually applies to golf but in this context it’s an NFL pigskin out of control winding up the squirming slimers.

Those watching the game yesterday all witnessed the criminal hit on Green Bay Packer QB Aaron Rodgers which conveniently has ended his season. This Hit was executed by Anthony Barr of the Minnesota Vikings.

Mr. Barr conveniently “happens to be black”, and the Viking home jersey is the most prominently Purple in the NFL. That’s as in the open as it gets, with many instant replays.
Of course the plot must thicken! Most Packer fans are ” devastated “, but one more Pro Active fan out in, where else? California! gets extra busy and starts a Petition suggesting it would be a stroke of absolute marketing Genius for the Pack to solicit the services of Purple Rev Poster Person Colin Kaepernick at QB to start, and perhaps his legal professional skills might also Play?

Now hold the phone, a PETITION? Don’t y’all know, ain’t no such PLAY in FOOTBALL? What kind of Outside Agitators dreamed this up? It appears Mike McCarthy has a defense for it.

Now it must be said Colin K. Is a potential walking land mine for race relations. Born to a white woman, abandoned by his black “birth father”, raised by white adoptive parents,wow, can I go to the neutral corner here? He chose none of this, his life is either some kind of triumph over diversity adversity, or does he in some way resent having been included in the “racially privileged” class and need to revolt all the more?

No insight is public on any of this, far as I can tell.

No matter how you spin it, once Colin K’s NFL career started to falter (and did Purple Agents within the NFL hit him similar to Rodgers to deliberately flush him?) he was a dream come true for the Purple People.


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