McKinney and Steele Nobly Persevere In Efforts to Transform American Politics


Florence, Oregon
September 15, 2017

by Rich Scheck

This important video updates the recent efforts by Cynthia McKiney and
Robert Steele to promote their ambitious campaign to restore integrity to
the American political process.

It’s a must watch for all those on a similar path as well as for those like
myself who have been overly critical of their approach in the past.

The good news is that they have “pivoted” away from their wishful thinking
about President Trump embracing their project as his own. After repeated
attempts, he has made clear he will not accept their invitation and will continue
to bungle his way forward. As I wrote months ago, they needed to abandon
their hope about him and move forward on their own.

McKinney and Steele show the kind of patience and determination that are
mandatory for success. Unlike those (including myself) who tend to be
hypercritical because of the urgency of our crises, these two leaders are
modeling the grit, intelligence and civility essential for bridging the vast
chasm currently dividing our nation .

As in the past, when McKinney’s Congressional career was undermined
by hostile (Zionist) forces, she and Steele have had huge obstacles thrown
in their way in addition to the Herculean task they have already undertaken.

As shown in the video, they are dealing with this via a federal lawsuit against
one of the alleged perpetrators (Jason Goodman) as well as going around the
Meetup process which appears to have acted unethically towards #UNRIG.

To the extent that Zionist elements play such a substantial roll in the Deep
State manipulations of the political process, it would behoove those supporting
#UNRIG and their noble goals, to extend the research of Jason Goodman to
include his ally George Webb who at least once (admittedly in a joking manner)
both claimed to be part of the “Old Mossad” in one of their on-line YouTube
videos several months ago.

I applaud the valiant efforts of McKinney and Steele and compliment them on
their courage, intelligence and depth of commitment. As someone who has been
engaged in his own Lone Ranger efforts to start a new political party for over
4 decades, I understand their frustration.

I pledge to be more helpful and less critical in the future while looking forward to
working with them as best as I am able in the months ahead.

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