A Real Giant [Killer] Passed Away in August


Jim Marrs: 1943-2017

“I rode with him, and I got no complaints.” ~ The Outlaw Josey Wales

A great man and a great Texan passed from our midst today.

He was a world-class journalist who fearlessly refused to commit material omissions or publish fake news. He will be sorely missed and his memory dearly appreciated.

His name was Jim Marrs. You are the beneficiary of his legacy.  If you don’t know about him, you will enjoy learning more.


SOTN Special Note:
Jim Marrs was the original conspiracy realist.  He was also a highly skilled researcher and investigative journalist.  His ground-breaking book RULE BY SECRECY is a true classic and “must read’ for anyone in the truth movement.

Jim went after all the biggest and baddest co-conspirators out there.  That is, the ones that really mattered the most.  That’s what distinguished him early on from many of his peers.

Jim Marrs has the courage and perseverance to follow the truth wherever it led him.  He did not shy away from any conspiracy topic and was determined to find the answers to the greatest unsolved mysteries of our day.

May you rest in peace, Jim!  You deserve it as much as anyone we know.

State of the Nation
September 13, 2017


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