Charlottesville: Here’s what really happened


The agents of Deep State know that the American patriot movement is coming for them with torches and pitchforks.

State of the Nation

The back story to what really occurred in Charlottesville comes down to that slogan:

Unite the Right

It there is anything Deep State does not want to see, it’s a united right.

The NWO globalists will do anything in their power — and they have a LOT of it — to prevent a genuine unification of the many different groups on the right side of the political spectrum.

The oligarchy that administers the U.S. Corporation will absolutely not tolerate an authentic patriot movement on American soil.

The power elite who oversees the American political class see the Trump movement as the bane of their existence.

Simply put, the long-running conspiracy between the Washington establishment and wealthy elites to defraud the American people will not risk exposure by today’s fast-growing Truth movement.

On one level, this is why the false flag black op and psyop was carried out in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The powers structure feels that it has no choice but to terminate the patriot movement by every means possible and any means necessary.  Yes, TPTB are that desperate at his late date.  And what follows is a video that illustrates that sheer desperation.

VIDEO: CNN’s Jake Tapper Must Be On The CIA’s Payroll To Destroy Trump

Charlottesville, Virginia — August 12, 2017

Reader, be aware that there are several distinctly different pieces to this fastidiously engineered event that occurred in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend.  The key elements are as follows:

• Black operation executed by the C.I.A.

• Psyop conducted by the FBI (via COINTELPRO)

• False flag operation implemented jointly by the CIA and FBI

• Highly coordinated fake news offensive by the MSM

• Orchestrated political campaign carried out by the US Congress against Trump and the Trump movement

• Charlottesville Police Department ploy to stand down

• Collusion between the Virginia state government and Charlottesville city government to push a patently false narrative

• Soros-paid agents provocateur from the ANTIFA movement stealthily inciting violence 

• Liberal Left scheme to aggressively confront peaceful “Unite the Right” groups

• White supremacist crisis actors contracted by The Company

• There are many other critical elements which are beyond the scope of this exposé

Impossible to tease out all the facts

Even though it is virtually impossible to tease out all the facts surrounding this false flag COINTELPRO black operation, it has of all the classic signatures of one.

Obviously, all of the groups represented at the “Unite the Right” rally have been infiltrated by the government.  They always are.

With this basic understanding, it’s easy to see how the pieces of the protest puzzle were surreptitiously put into place over the months leading up to the staged riots.

The circumstantial evidence of a black op is so overwhelming that it is now clear that the entire event was quite purposefully sabotaged by all the usual suspects, especially those concerned agencies of the US government, Virginia state government and Charlottesville municipal government.

Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe has been a HUGE Clinton cheerleader practically forever, so we know where his loyalties lie.  His every action and utterance since the conflagration took place has only confirmed his integral part in this massive conspiracy to bring down the patriot movement.

Likewise, the Charlottesville mayor — Michael Signer — is a longtime Virginia Democratic activist and former candidate for lieutenant governor.  He’s very deep in this whole conspiracy to taint the genuine protestors as ‘white nationalists’, and he even chided President Trump for “not naming them”.

Were real white nationalists and white supremacists present?  Most certainly.  Can they be an unruly bunch of knuckleheads?  That can be their MO, at certain times.  Did they go there to disrupt the protest?  Not likely.  The paid COINTELPRO agents among them did, not the real nationalists. They wanted to unite with other like-minded activists in order to strengthen the national movement.

PATRIOTS SPEAK: In their own words about what really happened in Charlottesville

You can’t stop the real supremacists from showing up at a rally designed to “Unite the Right”.  Nor does anyone really know the extent to which they have been co-opted by government agents.  All it takes are a couple of super-aggressive agents provocateur to be the skunk at the picnic.

Charlottesville Police stood down

One thing is for sure: the police were given orders to stand down by someone (Police Chief Al Thomas maybe?  Who gave him the order?).

This single initiative was directed from the very top of the conspiracy to cause the riotous mayhem that predictably ensued.

Just like the violence that was engineered in San Jose, California by that duplicitous police chief during Trump’s campaign event, Charlottesville follows the same pattern.  It works for them like a charm (police standing down) as far as triggering both spontaneous and/or manufactured violence.

This single misguided manipulation of law enforcement by the involved governments is the dead giveaway that this whole event was fabricated as a false flag operation.  Of course, the white nationalists are blamed for everything these days.  Even though most of these folks are really sincere patriots at heart.

Even White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has been brought into the fray.  He is being falsely accused by the ultra-left mainstream media (MSM) as being the de facto leader of the white nationalist movement.  He isn’t, but the MSM talking heads take every opportunity to drill this falsehood into every reader and viewer they can.  So now the delusional liberal leaders want to know why he does nothing to stop a massive, grassroots-driven, organically grown patriot movement that he has absolutely no control of.

By the way, what power, pray tell, does Bannon have over the Charlottesville police that was deliberately directed not to do their job?


This staged event is only the most recent in a long string of protests/riots that represent the tactical operations of George Soros’s Purple Revolution.  It has all the same hallmarks of his CIA-directed Kiev coup of 2014 as this video clearly explains: Charlottesville protests and Kiev riots have the same Soros fingerprint (Video)

If there is one goal that the U.S. Intelligence Community is determined to accomplish with these violent protests and destructive riots, it is to so malign the patriot movement that no one will want to associate with them.  Even though the Trump movement is made up of people from every background, they are all fundamentally patriots.  Which is why the globalists are determined to destroy this movement; it’s crucial to maintaining the hidden power of Deep State.

The MSM has been working overtime to impress upon their audience that the violence in Charlottesville was the work of white nationalist.  They have been presenting this extremely misleading falsehood since Trump was elected.  The CIA-controlled MSM will continue to use this deceitful strategy until Trump is removed from the White House.

Look to other future events to be staged in the same manner.  Deep State will not pass up any opportunity to forever ruin the patriot movement.  The globalist cabal knows that their NWO agenda cannot be implemented until the Trump movement is destroyed.  Hence, to outlaw these nationalist groups and ban patriot protests is their immediate objective.

State of the Nation
August 14, 2017

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