‘Bennington was Podesta’s illegitimate son’ — Focused Sessions

You Asked For It…


As I approach this, I want to take a minute to send love and healing to these families.  Bennington and Cornell were very talented men and will be missed by many.


Q. Is there truth to the rumor that Bennington was Podesta’s illegitimate son (there is a resemblance)? And that Bennington knew Chris Cornell and they were going to expose some high level pedophiles, sex trafficking, Illuminati or something to that effect?
A. Bennington does feel connected to Podesta.  It looks like Bennington’s mom got pregnant by Podesta, and I hear the accidental pregnancy resulted in some kind of “payoff when Bennington was young.  The intent was for Bennington’s mom to not have the baby, Podesta thought it was “taken care of,’ but his mom couldn’t go through with it.  When Podesta learned that the baby was born, he tried to silence the whole affair with “a blank check.”


Bennington later learned the truth, and was very angry. He did go through some traumatic things as a child, and felt the world wasn’t fair.  He became obsessed with his bio dad’s life, and learned a lot about the elite pedophiles and trafficking that was going on.  He didn’t have a lot of intricate details, but he was “hot on a dark trail.”  He did have connections, and I hear that “he knew people that knew people.”   I also see this dark path taking him to England (this isn’t just happening in the US).

He did confide in Cornell, and the knowledge of all this made him incredibly sad.  Not sad in a way to commit suicide, but sad that this was even going on. Neither one knew exactly what to do, but they wanted to do something.  I see they were working on a way to express this through music-telling a story without telling it directly.  They were working on a way to expose this, in an indirect “Eyes Wide Shut” sort of way.  I do get they were silenced before this could get out because people would undeniably understand the message.

Q. There really is something off about Chris Cornell’s death.  Is it usual to publish the photos? Looking at the photos do you get a strange feeling? 


A. As I focus on this I hear “the truth can run naked, but lies need to be covered up.”  The Powers That Were (PTW) needed people to believe this was a suicide so they overly documented and leaked the police photos.  These feel fake (I see them setting up the photos like you would set up the scene to a play) and very disrespectful to the families (and the PTW didn’t care as this was threatening a much bigger agenda).  I hear that people are too smart and would have put together the connection if this would have played out as a double homicide.  This is also meant to send a message to others that are considering speaking out.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Much love and light to these families!


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