Is Anyone Beside Tulsi Gabbard Person Enough To Take On the MIC?


April 11, 2017
Thousand Oaks, CA

by Rich Scheck

It is truly amazing how few Congress members have the courage and
integrity to stand up to the Military-Industrial Complex which dominates
American politics.

There are a few who are man enough—-or in this case, woman
enough—–to say no to President Trump’s constitutionally suspect
escalation of the war in Syria.

Most of the people who supported Trump during the 2016 election
wanted the type of foreign policy he promised would guide his
presidency rather than the interventionist model Hillary advocated that
was consistent with her predecessors.

Instead we are getting another undeclared war without the proper
Congressional authorization, exactly the opposite of what the candidate
pledged and exactly what Gabbard objects to.

Instead of calls for impeachment, most of Congress appears on board
for this violation of the separation of powers and classic abuse by an
imperial executive.

With the Main Stream Media now cheering him on after nearly two
years of unrelenting criticism, it’s no wonder they are in shock when
a person like Congresswoman Gabbard disputes the official narrative.

And as another indication of just how far down the rabbit-hole towards
a totalitarian oligarchy of billionaire banksters and neocon war-mongers
we have become as a nation, the outrage towards Gabbard by members
of her supposedly anti-war, “progressive” Democratic Party is sickening!

Howard Dean has actually stated that Gabbard “does not deserve to be in

It is my deepest wish that Gabbard sees the light and bolts the party
to lead the pro-peace charge. I pray other anti-intervention populists
like Rand Paul also leave their wing of the War Party (Republican)
to start a new political grouping that reflects the deep anti-war sentiment
of most Americans who resent these unending Globalist adventures.

They are currently on the same page regarding legislation to stop the
US from funding terrorists and both are calling for an investigation of what
really happening in Syria with respect to the alleged sarin gas attack.

As we all now know, the Deep State is never finished. It is ruthless,
cunning and hegemonic in its actions. Only a determined, focused
effort by decent people will defeat such an evil cohort of leaders.

The time to organize is now: further delay or hesitation may prove fatal!

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