Trump Voters Fooled Into Supporting Hillary’s War Against Syria!


Camarillo, CA
April 10, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Millions of Trump voters must be scratching their head in confusion as to how their
support for the new president ended up as an embrace of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy.

Even conservative talk show host Michael Savage has expressed his outrage at
what is almost definitely the kind of “fake news/false flag” story that Trump campaigned
so eloquently against during the election season.

He and countless others are seeing this attack as a betrayal of their trust even if it was
a clever, Machiavellian move to intimidate his Mar-a-Lago guest, Chinese President Xi,
and his North Korean allies and/or silence his critics for calling him a Russian puppet.

There was no reason for Assad to use Sarin gas. It is ISIS that is benefitting from this
tragedy. Syria and Russia are fighting ISIS: Trump has now followed in Obama’s
footsteps by refusing to collaborate with them to defeat the common enemy.

The simplest interpretation of the attack was that it was what the NeoCon chicken-hawks like Hillary, McCain, Bolton, Eliot Abrams, Cheney, Graham and others had demanded of Obama and were drooling in anticipation of happening after Clinton won in November.

As so many have documented: it really doesn’t matter what a candidate says or which
party is in the White House. For the foreseeable future, the United States will continue to
embark on its dream of creating a New World Order that serves Globalists, justified in the
name of American Exceptionalism and the right to protect.

The Washington Consensus of the two-party duopoly relies on false flags to trick the public
into supporting our wars of aggression by dispatching “bad guys” who are demonized by
the complicit Main Stream Media. This is used to justify our efforts at regime change while
calling on the patriotic fervor of decent citizens and depleting our Treasury, exactly as
Trump stated over and over again to win the election.

It is mostly propaganda, lies and exaggerated hype that either creates or distorts our foes
and allows the Neocons in both parties to have more war designed to impose their desired
Pax Americana/NWO/Deep State!

How sad that Trump has swallowed the lies and allowed himself to be manipulated!
How much worse if he was part of the Deep State all along and relied on clever
campaign tactics to manipulate his innocent followers, knowing full well that his
real agenda was much closer to Hillary’s than what he said at his rallies or during
the debates.

It is now fairly clear that Trump represents his own faction of the Deep State, the
one that has a high comfort level with the dubious members of his cabinet and
Administration officials like Jared Kushner. Even a loyal follower like Savage is
saying as much!

Trump’s rush to judgment has alienated a big chunk of his base and angered Russia
who sees this as a risky escalation. He has made a mockery of his pledge to “put
America First” to a large segment of his followers while the MSM reverses its months
long condemnation of him to applaud this reckless action.

It is long past time for the public to wake up! It is long past time for those who want
to see an end to “perpetual war for perpetual peace” put aside their differences and
come together to form a new political entity here in the United States that will defeat
the two war parties and restore virtue to our once great Republic!

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