Why was tobacco laced with Polonium-210 and Zyklon B?


Tobacco, Polonium 210 & Zyklon B


by Arden Gifford, MD


I worked with my cousin Fred Bock PhD in his lab identifying the Polonium 210 — the detonating trigger for nuclear devices — and measured it in lab rabbits that were in plastic cages with smoking tobacco. I measured the Geiger counter reading on all the body tissues after they all died of cancer, heart disease and stroke I saw the damage that radioactive fallout has on the body. This was combined with Zyklon B cyanide laced in to destroy the immune system in order to prevent any immune response to stop the disease.

My uncle, Tom Braden, was the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Department in the CIA and was a founding member of the Bilderberger conference in the Ditchley Castle.  He worked for the lieutenants of the Central Committee the Bilderbergers and was the funding representative for the Bilderbergers to be an organized CIA operation. The topic of concern in the first meeting was the growing post-war population and what they would consume in terms of the global national product as well as future government entitlements.

The Po210-Zyklon B program was begun then by lacing into liquid vats for two years in curing all tobacco products in order to dose it to kill people genocidally on or before their becoming useless eaters and/or reaching a non-working life.  They appointed Fred Bock, PhD to the Roswell Park Cancer Institute (Orchid Park Research Program) in Buffalo, NY.

This was the largest, global, systematic, state-sponsored genocidal extermination program in the world. It is marketed with 3x the laced toxins to China, India, and Portugal for the reduction of the aging population.

Dr. LaMaitre, MD Director of MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER here in Houston, is the current Director of the Tobacco Project for the hospital. He was my Dean in Medical School. He said he knew all about this program when I was in training but was instructed to never tell the medical students about it for fear they would stop the program and spread the word.

Two Thirds (2/3) of the revenue in the cancer industry is directly due to this tobacco/polonium 210/zyklon B program. As Director of the Tobacco Program he never mentioned that or that the lab and lab director at MD Anderson Hospital does not know what Polonium 210 is and has no lab test or contracted lab to check for it at all.  None of the cancer centers in the country have the capability.

He was informed that if he performed any research on the matter, the research grant money for the school would dry up.  Furthermore, that there would no Hill-Burton Funds to add additional parts of the hospital complex from the government. The payback ‘bribes’ from the government were partially passed on to the doctors and medical institutions in the form of fees, building money, and research grants based on the organized silence and deliberate muzzling throughout the medical education industry.

Tobacco deliberately laced with Polonium 210 and Zyklon B cyanide

is the cash cow of medicine and led to the 

massive growth in the medical field in recent decades. 

~ ~ ~ 

Its like Otto the Orkin Man putting his 

pension and profit plan in termite farms. 


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