Trump, Bannon and the Clash of Civilizations

Encinitas CA
February 12, 2017

by Rich Scheck

The picture emerging of President Trump’s chief advisor, Steve Bannon is truly grim:

His strong belief in the inevitability of a major war with Islam, China and/or Russia
is destined to become a self-fulfilling prophecy unless he can be stopped by an
equally powerful alternative theory for the future.

Such a theory exists and has been promoted for many years by Lyndon LaRouche
among others who believe global economic development and prosperity are a far
better approach to foreign affairs than World War III.

I have written about this topic and offer it again here as I learn more about the dangerous
implications of Bannon’s preconceived notions of how history is about to play out under
the new Trump Administration.

I have rejected the misguided perspective of the Progressive Left that is challenging the
legitimacy and viability of Trump’s election. For me, it is far too limited in its vision which
essentially constitutes a Hunger Games type dystopia based on Agenda 21 and the
dubious assertions of the need for Sustainability as a result of Man-Made Global Warming.

I also reject the blatant militarism and reliance on force projection at the heart of the Bannon prognosis that echoes the failed Neocon formula for Pax Americana that informed the foreign policy of both the Bush and Obama Administrations——-and which would have been continued under Mrs. Clinton!.

Instead, I prefer a form of global populism that sees the renaissance of true capitalism in the form of world-wide economic co-operation starting with the BRICS/New Silk Road view being manifested across the Eurasian landmass by nations working with China, Russia and the other BRICS countries to which the West has been invited to participate.

The titanic battle being planned by those who share Bannon’s vision of the need for a new
Crusade against Islam demands a response that entails a more optimistic and empowering
path to peace instead of the return to “the glory of war” version of reality many DC chicken-hawk warriors assert is necessary to protect us from the gathering hordes.

That is an old story being given new energy by people who are comfortable with a national business model based on a war economy. Ike warned us against that. Instead there is a vibrant alternative, one based on livingry instead of weaponry which is implicit in the New Silk Road (OBOR) approach.

The start of the Trump Administration bodes poorly for those favoring the later option. His raid on Yemen in support of the Saudi war to conquer that impoverished nation along with so much else that has happened in the 3 weeks since he entered the White House indicates the Bannon view is ascendant.

That same madness has spread to Afghanistan ( and likely soon to Paksitan:

Are we to have more wars? Is a Clash of Civilizations inevitable? Is the only alternative to a Fourth Turning a new crusade that can rapidly morph into WWIII?

For me, there is a much better path to the future. For me, we can still have the populism and positive ideas that helped get Trump elected that included saying no to the cronyism, corruption and questionable Neoliberal views of Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

But we must all be extremely discerning and vigilant to what we are facing. This is a delicate and urgent matter that will require a speedy education for many who are stuck in the false left/right paradigm that will insure the collapse of society——-a prospect that may have already reached the tipping point.

I suggest a great place to start teaching yourself the important distinctions I have attempted to make in this essay with the following article:

I pray all who read this material can take heart that there is reason to hope and carry on despite the bleak picture I have outlined above. I welcome feedback and suggestions from readers who can contact me at:

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