You Don’t Have To ‘Believe’ In UFOs Any Longer


By James Neff

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Whenever I hear the question “do you believe in UFOs?” in coversation I become immensely frustrated. To most of those who have devoted even a reasonable portion of time to acquiring an understanding of the phenomenon, the term “belief” simply doesn’t, and should never, apply. To use this expression shoves the UFO over into the category of religion or even fantasy, and nothing could be more inaccurate or counter-productive. UFOlogy is a scientific pursuit like any other. It takes absolutely no leap of faith, no mustering of imagination or whimsy for any rational mind to realize what is already a proven reality: Unidentified Flying Objects of an inexplicable class and character exist and are as real and verified as comets or the rings of Saturn (and may have been around just as long).

The simple fact of the matter is, UFOs (and whatever may be piloting them) are a substantive, verified and massively documented phenomena … but much of our culture and language perpetuate and cling to the erroneous notion that we’re dealing with some kind of specter or myth of hysteria or mass-societal halucenation.

I’ll go one step further. One might ‘believe’ in fire-breathing dragons or fairies … yet, there is no evidence whatsoever that either of these exist. However, one need only look at the facts now in evidence to see that actual ‘flying saucers’ (not merely “unidentified flying objects”) do, indeed, exist.

Those who know UFOs are ‘real’ need to make a serious effort to cease using and condoning that negative terminology of doubt inspired by our disinformation-driven culture. “Are you aware of UFOs?” (ie, “have you been educated on the existence of flying saucers?”) should have replaced “Do you believe in UFOs?” in both text and conversation long ago. We no longer are soliciting people to ‘believe’. Instead, we are (or should be) asking the uninformed to become educated to the facts. The issue of visitors to this planet, wherever (or whenever) they originate, is as vital an issue as any world geopolitical, religious, or economic affair or policy. In fact, it is probably far more important. 

Flying Laboratories

It is simply a matter of education. The evidence we have for the existence of unidentified flying machines of advanced technology, even if we toss out all photographic evidence and all abduction accounts or close encounter experience testimonies from the most reliable, credible civilian experiencers, is… massive. Even if we dismiss the most credible testimony and eyewitness accounts, the evidence is simply enormous.

What remains is a nearly a century of ‘expert’ interaction with flying saucers (and other shaped craft of equally inexplicable propulsion technology) under extremely scientific, verifiable, and examinable circumstances. I am speaking of the countless military and commercial pilot interactions with these remarkable, unknown machines, in situations where often entirely empirical testing of data has been recorded. One could not ask for a much better ‘test lab’ for the UFO phenomenon than in the cockpit of a military fighter or commercial airliner.

In both situations there are one, or more, specialists in the field of atmospherics and aerodynamics in a ‘flying laboratory,’ well-equipped with scientifically-approved and understood instrumentation which can record and note verifiable time frames, locations, altitudes, longitudes, latitudes of the UFO phenomena. Additionally, and obviously, there is also (in countless cases) verification by radar — which consitututes a second ‘laboratory’ of qualified, educated and capable specialists interpreting data.

Apart from pilots in their ‘flying laboratories’ and their ground-based radar counterparts, there is now also the testimony of astronauts who are increasingly detailing UFO evidence and information outside of the stratosphere.

From these three sources alone, there exists undeniable proof of the ‘flying saucer’ which would hold up in any court of law.

UFOs have entered practically every ‘sensitive’ international airspace, been tracked on uncountable civilian and military radars, been pursued by the finest and most advanced flying machines on the planet, eye-witnessed by our best trained pilots, even fired upon (or so attempted) by pilots dating all the way back to reports from WWI aviators over England.

Our visitors have been tracked at speeds exceeding all known propulsion or contemporary technology and fully-defying the laws of *our* physics. Flying Saucers have on scores of occasions brought military units, including our nuclear forces, to full alert and then engaged those forces in what appear to be tests of our technological capacity. Flying Saucers of gargantuan size have been seen at close range by both civilian and military professionals and verified by radar…both ground and airborne. Some would even say our visitors have taunted and played with our military…the reports of incursions into our SAC bases being particularly extraordinary.

Millions of dollars are spent every year by air force units around the world from every advanced nation to intercept these aerial interlopers. Countries do not spend that kind of money chasing Venus, ‘heat inversions’ or entertaining myths. To suggest so is simply preposterous.

The information and data, mountains of it, from these civilian and military aviation and defense specialists regarding the UFO match or exceed the information we have from “less than expert” civilian eyewitnesses of UFOs, and only serves to validate and support public accounts of UFOs and/or interactions with them. We accept without reservation the existence of atomic and subatomic particles which only a privileged handful of experts in that field of study have ever ‘seen’ with the most advanced special instrumentation.

Granted, there is far more ‘scientific’ data and knowledge of atomic and subatomic particles than exists for flying saucers — but data is data, and evidence is evidence — and we have no trouble in trusting and being dependent upon the experiences and veracity of the physicists and scientists involved. We accept the reality of these all but invisible atomic and sub-atomic structures with no hesitation. And yet with the flying saucer, we are not dealing with ‘invisibles’ at all.

At best, one must define the flying saucer as transitory, difficult and evasive — but nonetheless, a real part of our physicial universe. Unlike the atomic particle which is governed by laws already understood, or well on the way to being understood within the sheer mechanics of the universe itself and its conditions and measures, the UFO has behind it an intelligence of its own. We can no more easily reach out and snatch a flying saucer for examination than we can ball lightning… yet, both exist. (There is strong indication our military has had examples of UFO technology …and its flight crews…for more than a half century, but that is another subject altogether).

Our public sector scientific evaluation of the flying saucer is therefore more akin to hunting a rare and highly-advanced species of animal formerly classified as ‘cryptozooligical’ but now definitely reclassified as ‘authentic’ due to the sheer weight of verifiable and coherent data from experts. Like the Tasmanian Tiger, we now know they “are”… but to capture one for more advanced study proves to be essentially impossible.

Ours Or ‘Theirs’?

It does appear that the U.S. military has developed craft with similar appearance and capabilities as some ‘flying saucers’ (as reported by many reasonable and credible individuals). However, history shows us that the flying saucer has been coming and going on planet earth for generations, and centuries, which rules out the idea that all flying saucers are manmade craft of a clandestine technology.

Considering these realities, our language regarding UFOs should cease, immediately, to reflect the elements of myth, legend or fantasy, and fully embrace its definitive reality, helping to bring in a new cultural era regarding the UFO. We must each arm ourselves with these most primary facts when dealing with those uneducated, prepared to give a rational defense of the subject.

There is absolutely no reason to ever feel awkward about the issue simply because others are poorly-educated about the facts. And educating them at every opportunity is paramount. The reality of UFOs is such that its implications require every human being to become as aware of it as their individual mental and emotional limits will allow. Our place in the universe is likely to be defined by this very subject, be it a truth we are ready to receive or a lie we are miserably destined to suffer.

Either way, we don’t “believe” in UFOs. No faith is required. It is not a religion or occult pseudo science. It is a reality. What we do with that reality is now squarely on the table.

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