Michelle Obama Shows That She Is No First Lady


Her “No Hope” Comment Reveals the Obama’s True Feelings

State of the Nation

Given the 8-year crime spree that the Obama tribe embarked upon in January of 2009, it’s no wonder that Michelle Obama expresses the complete lack of hope.  After all, the Obamas transformed the United States of America into a virtual Banana Republic practically overnight.

VIDEO: Michelle O. Profoundly Disrespects the Electorate

What Bonnie & Clyde crime team would ever have hope when the new sheriff in town is the biggest giant slayer in U.S. political history.  No only did Donald Trump dispatch the two most powerful political dynasties in America — the Bush Crime Syndicate and Clinton Crime Family — to the waterless region, he has also exposed the Mainstream Media for the fake news factory that they truly are.

It was also The Donald who forced imposter Obama to post a forged copy of his fake birth certificate (BC) on an official government website.*  In so doing Trump has exposed Obama to be an usurper of the highest office in the land.  Make that 3 collapsed political dynasties, just in case Michelle has presidential aspirations.

*The fraudulent birth certificate was scientifically proven to be a thoroughly fraudulent computer-generated ‘copy’ by top experts in the digital document analysis field.  So incompetently concocted was the BC copy that many experts have said it was fabricated with the multiple errors and glaring mistakes in order that it would be easily discovered.  And so it has been, even by amateurs who can spot a fake document by all the obvious defects.
(Source: Scientific Evidence: Obama Birth Certificate Copy Proven Fake And Forged)

This, then, is why the Obamas have so very little hope.

They both participated in the greatest fraud ever to be perpetrated on the American people by a POTUS.  Their two subsequent election scams are so serious that a President-elect Trump had to step in to save the day.  Thank you, Donald, for chasing these two imposters from the White House.

Judge Jeanine Pirro RIPS Michelle Obama “Hope” Statement

Now the reader really knows why the future is so very hopeless for the Obamas, according to them.  Not only did they deliberately create an atmosphere of utter hopelessness throughout America, they are the very reason for Trumps’ victory.  Middle America turned out in record numbers to turn out Democrat leaders wherever they could.  This only occurred in such a decisive fashion because of the hopelessness that the nation experienced as never before.

The Republican elephants trounced the Democrat donkeys everywhere and now enjoy a leadership edge in places they never did…only because of how hopeless the citizenry felt under Obama’s tyranny.  Never in the history of the USA has a sitting president been so purposeful about creating racial divisions, religious conflict and foreign wars.  Nor has a president taken so very little action to solve the greatest economic recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The simple point of fact is that Obama did not take a single government initiative in almost 8 years as POTUS to jumpstart the economy of relieve the financial hardships experienced by so many.  To repeat: Obama has done absolutely nothing, except pass the catastrophic Obamacare.  The ACA disaster has served to greatly undermine the U.S. economy which will have lasting repercussions for years.

Obamacare: The Hidden Agenda

How can the voters ever forget these betrayals by their president and countless acts of lawlessness by the Obama Administration?   No one has ever seen anything like it—a sitting POTUS who shows complete disregard for the law and stunning disrespect for the U.S. Constitution.

How George Soros et al. ever shoehorned Obama into the Oval Office, God only knows!

Nevertheless, their New World Order agenda is on permanent hold now that The Donald has prevailed.  Now that must be a terribly hopeless thought for the whole NWO ruling cabal, as Michelle so poignantly expressed.

State of the Nation
December 18, 2016

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