Critical Phase Of Orange County Child Abuse Court Proceedings


Will California terminate its established pattern of enabling child abusers and abandoning the children?

The child sexual abuse case of Lexi Dillon has brought to the forefront what many citizens of California have known for decades. That the counties and the state have often neglected their duty to protect those children who have been proven to be at great risk. Why California stands out for such an objectionable distinction must be closely examined if the state intends to reverse their unseemly reputation.

The abuse case of Lexi Dillon is just one of many that has been railroaded through the courts to the exclusion of any sense of justice or pursuit of truth. As one looks deeply into the facts surrounding the circumstances by which an abused child was removed from her mother and placed with the offending father, it simply defies common sense. Which can only lead one to believe that there is something much bigger going on in the background.

Ruby Dillon and her daughter Lexi
Ruby Dillon and her daughter Lexi
Unfortunately for Lexi Dillon and her mother, Ruby Dillon, that does appear to be the case. Apparently there are many instances where the interests of children have been subordinated to those of men who occupy seats of power, or who are associated with those who have much standing in the community. Therefore, the nascent advocacy group known as Friends of Lexi is taking a new tack in order that justice may be served. As follows:

Friends of Lexi is asking for the public to come to a custody hearing in front of Judge Glenn R. Salter for Lexi Dillon on Friday at 12:00 Noon (a press conference is anticipated) June 27, 2014 at the:

Lamoreaux Justice Center
Department L60
341 The City Drive South
Orange, CA 92868-3205

Lexi Dillon, is a 9-year-old American girl who has credibly and consistently stated she has been physically, sexually and emotionally abused by her father, a Pakistani-Thai citizen who is being denied entry to the U.S. by Homeland Security reportedly for national security reasons. Though the Tustin Police Department found overwhelming evidence of the abuse, prosecutorial and social welfare misconduct have resulted in the father being given full custody of his minor daughter—-to him, a Suspected Child Rapist. The Tustin Police found enough evidence to request prosecution on six felony charges including:


California Penal Code Section 288 (a) – Lewd Act
California Penal Code Section 173 (a) (b) – Child Abuse
California Penal Code Section 188.5 – Continual Sexual Abuse of a Child
California Penal Code Section 289 (a) (1) (A) – Anal Penetration 
California Penal Code Section 188 (a)
California Penal Code Section 188.7 (b) – Oral Copulation with a Victim under 10 Years Old

However, Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas, refuses to prosecute. The father hired criminal defense attorney Al Stokke, who is an ardent supporter of and campaign contributor to the District Attorney. Multiple grand jury reports have criticized the relationship between Al Stokke and the Orange County DA.

Police records reveal that the child told the police the father sexually abused her many times and that the officers found her to be credible. There is corroborating medical evidence from Hoag Hospital physicians who documented the child’s internal and external tears to her private parts were consistent with penetration of a foreign body.

The father, Mahatep Srikureja, is reportedly being denied re-admission to the United States because of concerns of the Department of Homeland Security. In Orange County, there is a $50,000 bench warrant in place on the man. According to police records, the Tustin Police asked the Orange County District Attorney to prosecute him on numerous counts of sexual abuse (including oral and anal sex with the minor).

According to other police records, the Tustin Police wanted to have the father’s computer searched for large numbers of child pornographic photographs prior to the man’s departure from the United States. A week ago in court, the sitting judge in the case stated that each of these charges, if prosecuted, would carry a possible life sentence for the man.

However, the judge still refuses to grant custody to the mother, Ruby Dillon.

As you can see from several typical comments from the Robing Room where Judges are Judged

“Judge Salter has no experience in family law and is an embarrassment to the judicial system and makes his decisions based on closed chamber deals.”
“He is biased, unethical and corrupt and has no clue what he is doing; he does not rule in accordance to the law or based on the facts of the case.”
“He is biased and prejudiced. He makes closed-chambered deals”.

Many who have followed this case closely believe the judge is an utter disgrace to the American judicial system in that he demonstrates total disregard for evidence and rules based on hearsay. If you have this judge some observers have noted that you had better “run for the hills” unless, of course your attorney went to Loyola Law School, belongs to the same “country club” or sits on the same committee with Salter at the Orange County Bar Association.

Thanks to Judge Salter, Lexi is being held a virtual prisoner by handlers hired by her alleged abuser father. Her wish is to be with her mother, who has never been accused of being an unfit parent.

On the May 13, 2014, attorneys acting on behalf of an alleged child molester were openly discussing details of sneaking a Thai/Pakistani citizen into the United States past the police and feds. The mother, Ruby Dillon, was arrested on a six year old traffic ticket and forced to post $15,000 bail until the record could show the ticket was paid for years ago.

On Friday, June 6, 2014, the Judge lifted the travel ban that had prevented the father’s handlers from removing her from Orange County, making it possible that she could disappear at any time and be sent to Thailand as a child sex slave. Lexi is being forced to live with questionable handlers chosen by the alleged child molester. People who have seen the girl say they believe she is scared and being held prisoner against her will.[1]

If you are interested in following this child advocacy case you can attend the hearing on June 27, 2014. Let the Judge know that the public will not stand for any more injustice in this case. We must demand that the Judge admit the documentation showing that the Mother has done nothing wrong and is entitled to have her daughter returned to her.

To contact Friends of Lexi please call Malinda @ 520-609-7944


[1] Making the matter worse, a man who has been appointed as minor’s counsel did not even pretend to be interested in helping the child but rather only in helping the man the police tried to have prosecuted for molesting the child. It appeared his goal was to join the father’s counsel in silencing the child and helping the alleged child molester get her out of the country. The mother wanted to speak with the child but this “child’s” counsel, seemingly acting as an advocate for the molester, demanded she only get one shot at speaking with the girl and that he be allowed to terminate the conversation at any moment if he didn’t like what was being said. He seemed very concerned about what the child might reveal to the mother.


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