Update from Jim Stone, 12/8/2016

As of this morning, the Pennsylvania vote tabulation web site has not changed after it was offline yesterday.

I have a hunch, I think I know what stopped the recount efforts everywhere, and I don’t think they will be re-started anywhere. I don’t think Jill Stein will push lawsuits anywhere now, I think it is over. REASON: It was proven that Hillary most likely stole 100, 000 plus votes in Detroit. Who knows how many, but it looks like she stole 85 percent of her total votes. SHE GOT BUSTED THERE. And I know damn well she did this nationwide.

What happened to prove it? A certified box that was marked to have over 300 ballots inside, which was used to represent that many voters, was opened and it only had 50. Some were obviously Trump votes, and whatever was left for Hillary was re-run through the counting machines however many times it took to get the count up to over 300. People are erroneously saying Hillary was over represented by 6 X because they are taking the entire number of ballots and dividing 300 by that. But the cold hard reality was that there were probably fewer than 20 votes in that box for Hillary, and the people we are supposed to trust to count the election may have run them in excess of 15X each.
Look at Trump’s rallies. Look at Hillary’s rallies. The answer is OBVIOUS: The media lied entirely about Hillary all the way through and scammed everything in it’s entirety by a factor of over 10X. All the early polls were preposterous fabrications, and what just got proven in Detroit shows it clearly – Hillary received less than 10 percent of the real vote even in Detroit where they faked her up to 93 plus percent and everything over 10 percent was provably scammed. Too bad they “canceled” the recount when it was revealed that Hillary was going to prison if it continued – and it fits. “Pizzagate” is real. Her selling out America to foreign interests is real. The clinton body count is real, and hideous election rigging is real. If Hillary got punished for none of the other things, and it is all just getting buried, with Pizzagate becoming the new holocaust with threat of prosecution of anyone discussing it, what is an election steal? NOTHING. Just part of the recipe.
Trump had better not play stupid with this stuff, America’s election system needs to be RIPPED OUT from the roots and smoothed over into oblivion or it will just be stolen next time. As I said, I think American intelligence stopped this particular steal at the last minute, and Hillary was only flipped out because she knew damn well it was stolen in her favor and she’s spinning trying to figure out who stole it back.
Deb’s NOTE: I agree with Jim Stone here.  Without question this type of election fraud has been going on for years, and THAT is why we got stuck with dufus pot smoking Obummer FLUNKY as our President TWICE!  THE ENTIRE USA NEEDS ELECTION REFORM OVERHAUL……BEFORE ANY MORE ELECTIONS.  IF THE STATES CAN’T DO IT, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD INTERVENE AND REQUIRE CERTAIN STANDARD CONTROLS FOR ALL STATES.  Without across the board election reform this Republic is DOOMED!!!  TRUMP NEEDS TO START A TASK FORCE TO LOOK INTO THIS PROBLEM AND MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR REFORM.
One more note: I received an email from someone who has lived in Michigan all his life: 
The head of elections, standing in front of the ballots for Wayne county (Detroit), said that out of the XXX precincts over 63 would not be recounted because they were not sealed property, or didn’t match the seals to the turned in ballots….either way, this is why every time there is an election, Wayne county (Detroit) is always always always the last to turn in their election results....they hire “who’s who” and not smart enough to do it right. It is incredible that this is NOT handled by the state board of canvases, but just like Genesee which is FLINT, they just can’t do it right. Other high population Counties like Macomb and Oakland get it done and done right and turn in their 100% counts within a few hours….Wayne (Detroit) and Genesee (Flint) take two days to get the results turned it and it is NEVER right…,

Interesting: So these same BLUE counties always take forever to finish their counting, several days later than the other counties in Mich.  This is because it takes more time to rig the election, and run ballots through counting machines 6 – 10 times……and then determine how many ballots should be put into each sealed box (50 ballots) and then how many ballots should be posted on the exterior of the sealed box (306 ballots).  They also need to wait and see what the total popular vote is for the whole state for the Democratic candidates, so they know how many votes they have to make up to take the whole state Blue!   So they will NEVER be the first to FINISH because of this!  All this vote rigging takes time, and requires multiple recounts to get it right, cover their trail, but to make sure their county  AND THEIR WHOLE STATE goes BLUE!  They have to be careful not to over do the inflated numbers, not so many that there are more votes than there are people who actually live in that county.  All these frauds take time, and THAT is why the BLUE counties always take so much longer, as in many days after the election. 

Well I believe the “too stupid to count the votes, so that is why it takes longer” is a COVER STORY for the BLATANT FRAUD GOING ON!!!  The entire state of Michigan, all counties, EXCEPT Detroit and Flint areas, are always solid RED (GOP) areas.  The ONLY reason the state of Michigan has been going BLUE in recent years is because of all the rampant election fraud going on in those counties


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