PizzaGate Urban Explorers League Ultimate Challenge

Initiated By:
Sam Hyde

Are there satanic pedo tunnels under your walnut pizza kid’s hangout spot? Dunno

Goal of Bounty

This is a serious bounty, not a joke.

First: please absolutely do not bother business owners or do anything even remotely illegal for this mission. This is not a prize to see who can harass some guy the most or who can get in the most trouble. This is a purely journalistic investigation.

The goal of this bounty is to establish the presence of tunnels underneath or very close to being underneath Comet Ping Pong Pizza and/or Besta Pizza in Washington DC.

Please make sure you check with local law enforcement and several lawyers before attempting any Urban Exploration on your own. I’m posting this because Urban Exploration can be a fun and exciting hobby, but I absolutely can’t condone any breaking of the law, so please make sure you don’t do that. However, the bounty will be paid in any case, even if you break the speed limit or illegally park your bicycle.

This bounty is important because Urban Exploration is a fun and cool way to spend your time. Almost as much fun as playing ping pong with an egg on it, or with beans on it.

I want hard proof showing underground tunnels anywhere within ~800ft of Comet Ping Pong Pizza. They don’t have to be precisely under CP:PP, if they’re under the pediatric center or the pedo bookstore, that’s fine too, just so long as you find some tunnels that aren’t marked on the map.

Proof must be in the form of videotaped exploration, starting on the street and showing at least enough stuff on the street so that we can figure out where you started from, and then going in the tunnel and showing whatever the hell is inside, as far as you can before encountering a locked door or other sort of obstacle. No points for poking your camera in a hole.

Showing some guy’s basement doesn’t count. You know what I mean by tunnels.


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