SOS: A Call To Our American Free Press

A Call To Our American Free Press

To:  The Members of Our American Free Press

From:  Steve Boyle, American National Service

Re:  For Your Consideration——It’s Time To Take the Offensive

The Bad News:  We’re sitting on our hands, waiting for the criminal banksters and criminal CEOs to throw their carefully crafted Hail Mary intended to subvert the 2016 Presidential Election and march us off to their one-world government fantasy.  And notice that the Obama Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Justice Department, the FBI, and the compromised U.S. military have stepped back as if they are all in it together, just like they did in the Kennedy assassination and in 9/11——The American people are on their own once again, just before the hammer comes down, undefended by their own treasonous government.

The Good News:  This menagerie of lower order subspecies of criminal psychopaths are all on their last legs—and they know it—because the American public——and much of the global public——has finally figured it out and are primed for actionThey know where Obama’s true loyalties lie——it’s unmistakable.  They know the mainstream media is an imposter, pretending to be the core of the American free press, but clearly working for somebody else.  They know the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI are working for somebody else, too.  They know the Department of Homeland Security is, and has always been, some kind of disguised, sinister, thoroughly un-American and un-Constitutional mutant force associated with undisclosed schemes concerning stealth immigration to cause chaos, draconian FEMA mysteries, heavy surveillance on all Americans, and a quasi-military force with an undisclosed mission, separate from the U.S. military.  This rogue outfit, in particular, the American people will not tolerate.  It is so transparently un-American and un-Constitutional that it’s preposterous.  It won’t last a second if it makes a false move.

The American people know these things and they are primed.

And how are the American people primed?  A large number of them have finally connected the dots.  They know now that there is treason at work——plain, widespread, full-out treason.  And many more Americans have connected the dots between the real purpose of 9/11 and where the American people stand today, just before the 2016 Presidential Election.  We stand today right up at the edge of the camouflaged trap door set by the banksters and the criminal CEOs, which they plan to trip on or about November 8th.

While you mull this over, let’s widen the focus.  Right now we have a “mainstream media” that is completely distrusted, nearing financial insolvency, and already revealed as an imposter. And it has unwisely stepped out into the public light to reveal that it is, in fact, a psychological warfare weapon of the banksters and criminal CEOs who give the orders to their fake editors, their fake journalists, and their fake talking heads.  We now know this from watching their coordinated and scripted lies, deceptions, distractions, disinformation, and psychological barrages aimed to traumatize and disorient the American people during the Election process.

This “mainstream media” imposter is completely exposed to the public light and the public gets it.  The globalists’ MSM is their Achilles Heel.

Thankfully, we also have an existing American free press that has emerged over the past 15 years and is waiting in the wings to replace the “mainstream media” which is now ready to be toppled by the American public.  There’s just one more dot to connect:  America’s Fourth Estate——our American free press——must restore itself to its traditional and time-honored investigative role of routing out the corrupters of American principles and keeping American institutions honest.

This last dot to connect is for our American free press to launch a flood of investigative reports on the “mainstream media” and promptly deliver these reports to the American people.  Let’s say it again for clarity: This last dot to connect is for our American free press to launch a flood of investigative reports on the “mainstream media” and promptly deliver these reports to the American people.

For your consideration, it is time to take the offensive by toppling the  “mainstream media” imposter, which is already on its last legs.

The “mainstream media” imposter is like a huge, dead tree that must be cut down, and the ones to do it are the members of our home-grown, re-emerging American free press who are ready, willing and able to restore the free press as the champion of the American people and our American principles.


The target of this flood of investigative reports would be specific “persons of interest” among the criminal media CEOs, their directors of the board, their senior management, their fake editors, their fake journalists, their fake writers, and their fake talking heads. Such persons of interest would be brought before fully-vetted Grand Juries and if criminal members of any court are discovered, they, too, would become persons of interest rolled up in new investigations.

No matter who wins the 2016 Presidential Election—or even if it is postponed or cancelled—it is crucial for our American free press to begin to form immediately and get to work cutting down and disposing of this dead tree.  That way, the psychological warfare weapon will be demolished and the American free press will be restored, no matter who is in power.

This is the first step to rebuilding America and its economy from the ground up.

The American people will come out in the streets, not in violence, but to thunder their approval of: (i) the American can-do spirit, (ii) the flood of investigative reports proving that American justice is finally being served, and (iii) America believing in herself, again.

That overwhelming groundswell of public support is our answer to the criminal psychopaths and all their heavily bribed and blackmailed minions who are embedded in all key American institutions.   They will all cut and run for their lives, once the investigative reports envelop them and huge public support demands that legal action be brought against them.

And Most Important Is Showing the Consequence To Persons of Interest of the MSM Who Have and Are Committing Treason

With just over a month before the Presidential Elections, a collaborative group from the American free press must show the MSM’s history of treason against our country, and particularly their current complicity in trying to launch WWIII in Syria under the instructions of the “globalists.”  Let’s remember how our U.S. Constitution—the law of the land—describes treason:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

We have an Enemy that is controlling America’s economic and social disintegration.  The “globalists” are America’s most deadly Enemy.  They are a concealed nest of foreign, dynastic banking families in the City of London.  Their junior partners are vastly wealthy families of the betraying American Eastern Establishment.  Their minions in America are an infestation of heavily bribed and deeply blackmailed traitors to their county at the center of which is the war-mongering, Washington D.C. NeoCons who engineered 9/11, the Iraq War, the scheme to attack 7 countries in 5 years, and are, today, trying to ignite a disastrous war with the Russian Federation in Syria.  For details of the 7 countries/5 years NeoCon scheme, please click on

Along with the public investigative reports, we must now present the images of what is in store for the MSM imposters after they stand trial and are convicted of treasonPlease pull up the following link:

Background References:


The Book: Restoring The Peace:


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