CONCLUSIVE PROOF: LaVoy Finicum Was Murdered By The FBI—Premeditated Murder

Real American Heroes Have Been Outlawed

State of the Nation

Ever since the world-famous “Decade of Assassinations” — the 1960s — the NWO ruling cabal came to the very firm conclusion that real American heroes were never to be permitted to rise up anywhere in society.

With the systematic assassination of JFK, MLK and RFK, the World Shadow Government (WSG) developed a formula that they would use up to this very day.  That formula was recently used on the great American patriot LaVoy Finicum.

LaVoy Finicum: The First Martyr of the Patriot Movement in 2016

Special Note:
Heroes — real heroes — scare the livin’ daylights out of the NWO cabal that controls Planet Earth.  They know that a single courageous truth-seeker can become the catalyst for the collapsing of empires and the newfound independence of sovereign nations.  Mahatma Gandhi is a perfect example of what scares these Illuminati cowards sh*tless.  Gandhi literally brought the British Empire to its knees … several times!  What’s the point?
LaVoy Finicum was such an American hero who was well aware of the tyranny of the U.S. Federal Government that he took a very public stand against.  In LaVoy did the WSG understand that they were up against a truly powerful and blossoming American hero. They determined he would have to go, and that they would make a [shocking] and memorable example of him.  Just as JFK, RFK and MLK were violently murdered in broad daylight so, too, was LaVoy.
TPTB do this to send a very strong message to every other hero-in-the-making.  There is no place in post-modern American society for a hero.  The Deep State simply won’t allow it.  They can always kill the heroes anyway they so choose to but in the case of LaVoy, they did it with FBI helicopters filming it so that the whole world could watch their murderous deed on the Internet.  In so doing they believed they have precluded the possibility of anyone filling LaVoy’s shoes.  They were wrong.  As there are now millions of patriots waiting to fill his shoes … when the right time presents itself.  Isn’t that right, Patriots?

How do we know that the FBI closely collaborated with the Oregon State Police to execute Lavoy Finicum in a preplanned murder plot?

It was quite obvious to many who watched the original FBI video of the assassination that the entire crime was the product of a carefully orchestrated conspiracy to murder an American citizen in cold blood.  The whole affair was obviously scripted.  Except that there were some lingering questions that still needed to be answered.  Those questions have now been conclusively answered by the following two videos.

VIDEO: Forensic Proof Released of the Assassination of LaVoy Finicum


VIDEO: The Foam Bullet Used to Justify Killing LaVoy Finicum


The Federal Bureau of Investigation can no longer be trusted. It is a thoroughly rogue agency.

Not only did the Comey hearings demonstrate that even the FBI Director has been completely corrupted, it also showed that the agency does not in any way serve the American people.

COMEY Lies Under Oath, Attempts to Deceive Congress, Overturns Decades of FBI Tradition, Betrays the American People during Prime Time

Any law enforcement agency that repeatedly commits treason and murders U.S. citizens has way outlived its usefulness, to say the very least.  Hence, the FBI needs to be dissolved post haste so that a new agency can be established that truly serves the nation’s many pressing law enforcement requirements .

State of the Nation
September 23, 2016


This Is Really Why They Assassinated LaVoy Finicum

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LaVoy Finicum: Shot 9 times by the FBI during staged assassination

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