The Donald Trumps Obama and Clinton in Louisiana

Why Does Louisiana Always Get Neglected?

Obama and Clinton shows their true colors while Trump shines 

State of the Nation

It’s quite fitting that Obama would again be caught on the golf course while shirking his presidential responsibilities.  It’s almost as though the Universe sends a disaster his way every August just to test him.  Of course, nothing gets in the way of his vacation time, not even an epic flood in Louisiana.

Does Obama Care About Black People? Louisiana Asks The President To Cut Vacation Short

The poetic justice here is that Obama whaled on President George W. Bush in the wake of Hurricane Katrina … for doing the same thing that he is now doing—nothing!

Flashback: Obama ripped Bush’s ‘unconscionable ineptitude’ during Hurricane Katrina

Why are these career politicians so insensitive to the needs of the people even when they are in the most dire of circumstances?  It’s as though the U.S. Federal Government goes out of its way to neglect the greatest needs of those facing real emergencies at the most urgent moments.

Do they do this to send a message — repeatedly — that you’re on your own; don’t even think of depending on the government for assistance.  The government’s priorities really seem to be dictated by the unwritten agenda of the Military-Industrial Complex and, therefore, prosecuting wars of unprovoked aggression the world over is first, second and third on their priority list.

If that’s not galling enough, especially in light of the proportion of tax dollars allocated to the War Department, the same leaders give every indication that We the People have absolutely no say in the matter.  This is where Donald Trump comes into the picture.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 2.19.13 PM

Through his campaign speeches and his past actions, Candidate Trump does give every appearance of caring for the little guy and gal.  His appearance in Louisiana today went a long way toward putting his money where his mouth is.  That neither Obama nor Clinton have shown up anywhere near Louisiana made his visit all the more poignant.

Trump Plays the Role of President in Louisiana

Such a campaign stop to the historic flood disaster area was obviously a detour from his very tight travel schedule throughout the various 2016 swing states, of which Louisiana is not.  Nevertheless, Trump certainly knows that elections — HUGE elections like this years — can be won or lost by such a meaningful gesture.  However, it’s altogether clear that that is not why he showed up in the flesh.

Simply put, Donald Trump is merely practicing for his future job.  He knows what the priorities of the POTUS ought to be irrespective of who is actually occupying the position. Common sense dictates that the president arrives at the scene of any major catastrophe, natural or manmade.  Such presidential behavior was never a part of the Obama presidency beginning with the BP Gulf oil spill when he bowed down to the corporate criminal BP at every turn.

The Spill, The Scandal and the President

Trump really speaks to the needs and concerns of everyday Americans in a way not seen or heard since John F. Kennedy.  Like Kennedy, Trump is very down to Earth and quite present with his constituencies.  He routinely discards canned speeches and well positioned teleprompters in favor of speaking from his heart to his supporters, as well as to his opponents.

It surely took very little time for Trump to make the command decision to fly to the most rain-stricken and flood-prone areas of Louisiana.  Clearly he showed up for work because that’s just what responsible presidents and prime ministers, vice presidents and cabinet secretaries do—they show up for work and don’t play hooky.

Where, then, is President Barack Obama?  What golf course is he on today?

Where is Hillary Clinton?  And why does she zealously avoid the press, particularly during the busiest part of the campaign season?!  How many days has it been since her last press conference—260?

State of the Nation
August 19, 2016


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