This Is Who Bernie Sanders Endorsed!

Fairhaven, WA
July 17, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Katherine Austin Fitts is that rare combination of extremely honest and very intelligent.

For those unfamiliar with her background and work, I invite you to find out more after
reading her recent comments on the decision by the Justice Department to forego indicting
Hillary…….at least for the egregious behavior regarding her private e-mail server:

Still to be decided in the days ahead is the fate of the Clinton Foundation shenanigans
which some have called a $100 Billion “charity fraud!”

With so much turmoil here and abroad, it is difficult to imagine a worse choice for our
next president than someone like Hillary Clinton who has systematically, along with her
philandering and disbarred husband, Bill, violated the public trust for personal gain.

Anyone else besides Donald Trump would probably be assured of a landslide victory
in November…….and even he may succeed in doing that if the revelations against the
Clintons keep emerging in the weeks ahead.

As I have repeatedly said during the primaries, Sanders had a chance to go big and
elevate the conversation by rejecting the Clinton option and providing millions of
independents and disaffected voters a choice other than Hillary or Donald.

In choosing Mrs. Clinton, he showed poor judgment, hypocrisy and a level of betrayal
to his loyal followers not seen in recent years.

With the Conventions about to start and with the prospect of more violence highly
likely, the political revolution so many have dreamed of is taking on a far darker
complexion than most expected.

How much Bernie’s tactics have added to this dismal picture will have to be determined
by later historians. But to this observer, opting to back Hillary was a tragic mistake!

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