No One Should Be Above The Law!

Fort Vancouver, Washington
July 5, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Hillary Clinton’s day of reckoning and accountability lies in the future.

After today’s announcement by FBI Director Comey that his investigation would not lead
him to recommend criminal charges against the former First Lady, it appears she has made it passed that hurdle……….for now.

Sadly it seems that when it comes to the Clintons, “say goodbye to the rule of law!”

Knowing full well that the statute did NOT require intent as an element of the crime,
Comey interpreted the law to include it:

After Bill met AG Lynch and Obama gave Hillary his endorsement last week, it was obvious to all that she would not be held responsible by this Administration for her many crimes including violating the Espionage Act for her “grossly negligent” use of a private server.

The good news embedded in this story is that the outrage goes beyond partisanship and includes not only Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and many Republicans but followers of Bernie Sanders who have opposed the corrupt Clinton’s claim to legitimacy and the White House:

It will remain for historians to decide whether the Vermont Senator’s decision to give her a
pass on her e-mail problems in the early debates will have made any difference in the
ultimate outcome of the 2016 election.

We can be certain that The Donald will not be as timid as her former rival:

Those like myself who have followed the rise of Hillary to the pinnacle of political power are quite aware of the long litany of misdeeds that have marked her sordid career:

As someone who worked on the Nixon impeachment and knows of her role in obstructing
the investigation, I am certain that her former Watergate boss, Jerome Zeifman, would be
yelling “I told you so” if he were still alive to share his insights into her character.

I met with Zeifman at his home in Connecticut in August, 1999 and his disgust with both Bill and Hillary had increased dramatically because of the criminal bombing of Serbia.

In a previous article, So Many Scandals, So Little Time To Investigate, I indicated how
far down the rabbit hole of political corruption both parties had fallen in recent years.

We have now reached a point where the left and right should finally heed those of us
who have been calling for them to cooperate on a narrow agenda to defeat the New
World Order candidates like Hillary Clinton who represent Wall Street, the Military-Industrial Complex and the small group of oligarchs who run our country…….and planet!

With November 8th fast approaching, it may be left to the voters to decide Hillary’s fate and whether she is indeed above the law. Considering the seriousness of this matter, it would not surprise me if we have another terrorist (false flag?) attack very soon to distract the public from this and from what appears to be a possible war with Russia:

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