It’s Time For AMEREXIT From The New World Order

Rohnert Park, CA
June 24, 2016

by Rich Scheck

The stunning success of the vote by the British to leave the
European Union yesterday is consistent with the broad
discontent all over the planet with globalization and the New
World Order.

Dramatic changes are unfolding everywhere one looks, whether
through wars, terrorism, technological changes or serious
economic problems that started in 2008 and still remain.

Here in the United States, the levels of discontent manifested
politically in both parties with the insurgent campaigns of Bernie
Sanders against Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side and with
the triumph of Donald Trump against the entire Republican

Few have adequately described the similarities between The
Tea Party Right that emerged from the Ross Perot and Ron
Paul movements and the Occupy Wall Street followers who
represent the remnants of Jesse Jackson, Ralph Nader, Dennis
Kucinich and other leftists of previous campaigns.

Where they overlap is their outrage with endless wars that
benefit only the Military-Industrial Complex and the resulting
hardship that comes from an economy dedicated to war which
sends millions of jobs overseas because of “free trade” deals.

Those trade agreements benefit multinational corporations and
the denizens of Wall Street leaving Main Street to fight the wars
while paying for it all with their taxes and blood.

Now that Election 2016 has essentially come down to Clinton vs.
Trump, it is clear that Hillary is the NWO candidate and The Donald
is the one who at least sounds like the advocate for AMEREXIT
with his America First slogans and calls to constrain NATO.

Sadly, he says many things that can easily give the impression
that he is a racist or sexist and an aspiring tyrant. But it is the
already existing policies of Obama, Clinton and the Bushes that
really represent the forces of fascism that have overtaken our
sacred Constitution while reducing our former liberties in the name
of national security.

Trump has shown his willingness to challenge the existing order
which is why the “bipartisan oligarchy” is conspiring to defeat him
any way they can.

He is directly challenging the globalists and is promoting AMEREXIT.
The vote in November may very well end up being a referendum on
whether the US wants to withdraw from the New World Order.

If what happened yesterday is any indication of what will transpire
in four months, the Trump team has reason to be very optimistic
that they will win……possibly in a landslide against the profoundly
corrupt Hillary whose support from Sanders will prove meaningless.

Stay tuned: this will not be pretty or boring but history is unfolding
before our eyes!

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