So Many Scandals, So Little Time To Investigate

Rohnert Park, CA
February 18, 2016

by Rich Scheck

For those interested in knowing what is really happening in Washington,
on Wall Street and the rest of the world, the deluge of scandals emerging
daily is overwhelming.

Some call this “fear porn” while others label those focused on these events
conspiracy theorists. However you describe them, the scandals they explore
seem endless.

Here is another big one:

The next thing you know, a Supreme Court Justice will die under very
suspicious circumstances while the government and Main Stream Media
look away so they can squabble over his replacement rather than look into
the details of how he died:

Obviously, 9/11 represents another tragedy worthy of close scrutiny, especially
since the consequences of that event have been very impactful on the nation.

I could go on but assume you get my drift. The public must find a way to
extract itself from the its stupefied trance state to restore a sense of decency
and integrity to the political process if we are to have a future worthy of a
great Republic.

What that looks like and how we get there from here remains elusive. But
it needs to be done…………..and soon!

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