Message to Sanders Supporters

Healdsburg, CA
February 13, 2016

by Rich Scheck

This article is not that well written but it does makes the point:

Unlike Dennis Kucinich in 2004 who was strongly antiwar, Sanders
is timid by comparison with a mixed record as described above.

Those in his camp who want to see him win the nomination need to
encourage him to be more assertive in distinguishing himself from
Clinton and the Republicans.

As stated: “No issue rises above the moral, political and financial
emergency of war and militarism!”

That to me says it all and is why I find Sanders deeply flawed. He is
not an overt hawk like Hillary and most of the Republicans. But he
panders to the Pentagon and refuses to express the degree of outrage
appropriate to the current level of American imperial over-reach.

Particularly upsetting is his willingness to demonize the Russians risking further escalation of tensions, a New Cold War and now the real prospects of WWIII.

If even someone as hawkish as Donald Trump sees the wisdom of working
with Putin, why is an alleged dove so blind to the danger?

I urge his supporters to insist he recognize the folly of his approach
and make abundantly clear to all his embrace of Peace.

As Margaret Kimberley states: “How can Bernie Sanders bring social democracy
to the United States if he won’t cut the military budget or forswear interventions?”

Until he and his liberal cohorts answer that key question, there is little hope
for creating the better world they envision.


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