Time To Transform The Empire By Constraining The MIC!


Santa Rosa, CA
November 8, 2015

Please Reorder Your Priorities and
Take on the Military-Industrial Complex

by Rich Scheck

My focus for decades has been on transforming the power of the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) and preventing the triumph of the National Security State: think “Swords Into Plowshares”!


To date, I have failed as the Leviathan that is motivated by American Exceptionalism continues its rampage across the planet with hundreds of foreign bases and the deployment of Special Forces, regular troops and private military contractors in dozens of nations.

Here is why everyone should join me and start reordering their priorities to take on the core political issue that underlies all the others. From the environment to health care; from education to women’s rights; to a whole host of worthy causes, excessive spending in the name of national security hinders progress in those areas as well as preventing peace.

The biggest item in the budget: military spending. The biggest polluter: the military. The biggest waster of funds: the military. The force under-mining our civil liberties: the military using the National Security Agency to spy on us.

Why the world hates America: use of the military to invade foreign many countries and utilizing the Central Intelligence Agency to plot regime change in numerous others.

Why is there not enough funding for health, education, welfare, jobs, repairing infrastructure and for TAKING CARE of our VETERANS? Because the military budget and priorities drain vital resources from other programs with cost over-runs and unneeded hardware.

How many citizens know that Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama recently authorized nearly a trillion dollars to modernize our nuclear arsenal? If you are comfortable with that, can you really complain about the lack of funding for roads or cancer research?

How many realize the projected costs of the Iraq and Afghan wars exceed three trillion dollars…even before the new ones against Syria, Libya and maybe Iran? Very few because we are “Amusing Ourselves To Death” (Neil Postman) with MTV, sports or other reality diverting entertainments if not out-right profiting personally via our job or stock portfolio.

We never had the peace dividend that we were promised after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Instead new enemies were created and/or provoked: Muslims; Russia; China; Iran; and whoever else is convenient to insure the “Clash of Civilizations” and more wars.

If Pax Americana is finally established and the banksters achieve total global hegemony plus full spectrum dominance, they will have a new enemy as back-up waiting in the wings (sky?) to keep them funded in perpetuity.  Perhaps that will be a contrived threat from those nasty Aliens and ETs!

It’s a game dear readers—styled the Great Game by the insiders who play it—to manipulate and control the public. They want to keep us on-board, routing for the home team in the name of patriotism against those nasty Ruskies or Japs or Chinks or Jerries or Muslim fundamentalists or Greys (the bad ETs) or whomever they need to keep us afraid of, compliant and ready to fight in support of their imperial goals.

The brilliance of their plan is augmented by their ability to rely on the media to distract us from the real agenda and seduce support by embedding a false picture of what is done by our government in our name, by our children and with our taxes.

So I invite everyone to reorder their priorities and start focusing on the real villain. If you want more funding for Alzheimer’s disease, make sure we stop these illegal wars that Congress refuses to declare and demand more for research.

If you want the trees on the Olympic Peninsula to be protected from the Navy training drills disrupting your life-styles and destroying the beautiful forest, then join me and promote peace and harmony instead of war and weaponry!

If you want higher wages, an end to student loans and better health care, then
remind Bernie Sanders next time he’s in town that the best way to achieve his
socialist dream is to end our intervention addiction in order to free up those precious
tax dollars for domestic programs.

Most Libertarians like Ron Paul get it: the CIA theft of the political agenda and
the triumph of the national security state that flowed out of the Cold War means
less personal liberty and the destruction of economic freedom by undermining the
free market with proto-fascist trade agreements like the TPP and GATT.

The same goes for Pope Francis: global warming may or may not be real. But
our planet is truly in danger of destruction unless peace can prevail. If the Vatican
fails to engage more fully with its moral authority to urge a cessation of fighting,
then its well-meaning quest for sustainability and a new world political order are
doomed to failure.

What we have today is exactly what Eisenhower warned us against over 50 years
ago, and which futurist visionaries like Huxley and Orwell predicted: a Huxwellian,
Hunger Games world of debt slaves and mindless consumers who live in fear of the
State and support perpetual war instead of perpetual peace through their silence.

We must find a way to help each other grasp this fundamental truth: unless and
until we stop killing each other with drones, lasers, nukes, jet airplanes and all the
other brilliantly designed weapons of war, the long litany of high-minded projects that
motivate decent people to which they give their energy will fall far short of success.

Please reorder your priorities and demand an end to ceaseless wars and the
domination of our lives by the Military Industrial Complex! Speak truth to power,
take back your freedom and promote liberty for the sake of your children.

The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA

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