RON Paul For President!

San Rafael, CA
November 4, 2015

Take Dr. Paul Out of Retirement:
RON Paul For President!

by Rich Scheck

Few men in recent years have spoken truth to power as much as Ron Paul.
He challenged the power of The Fed and called for it to be audited.

He took on the entire Republican establishment by running for president and
put a dent in their ability to pick whomever they wanted to be nominated.

Now out of office for a few years, he is still doing more than almost anyone
else in public life to raise serious issues.

In this interview with journalist David Talbot about his new book on Allen
Dulles and the CIA, Dr. Paul reminds listeners that while still a Texas
Congressman several years ago, he stated publicly that the CIA had
pulled off a coup and established a secret government in Washington.

WOW:  that is what many of us have been saying for years and doing
our best to document through extensive research, countless books
and grassroots activism!

For those who have had a hard time accepting this fact, a modest
investment of less than 20 minutes should go a long way in educating
you to the reality of the deep state which acts behind the scenes to
manipulate the public and dictate government policy:

I invite you to listen with an open mind and ask yourself how after all
these years of secrecy, do we still not know the full story of who
killed JFK and why.

This is an important question as Talbot and Paul describe because so
much that is unacceptable about what has happened to America since
November 22, 1963 can be understood more clearly once folks realize
how powerful and ruthless the agents of the deep state are.

For those of us looking for a champion of truth to run for president, perhaps
we should find a way to bring Dr. Paul out of retirement and get him to run
again.  His integrity and popularity remain extremely high even though he
has moved away from the public spotlight.

Ron Paul’s continued willingness to speak truth to power by opposing our
senseless policies of unending war and financial corruption has earned him
the right to occupy the White House where he can help restore American
Greatness in ways Donald Trump and the other candidates might never do!

Let’s take Dr. Paul out of retirement:  RON Paul for President!

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