Even Henry Kissinger admonishes the Neocons for their wars of aggression

Syria Update: Kissinger Gets It Right!

by Rich Scheck

I am not a big fan of Henry Kissinger. I do not trust the globalists like him
and Zbigniew Brzezinski who have both been backed by David Rockefeller.

But when a person is right, you have to agree with him. In the case of ISIS in
Syria, Mr. K is correct in saying the West should let Russia take care of
business regarding the jihadis rather than taking down Assad.
Kissinger: Let Russia defeat ISIS, its destruction more important than overthrow of Assad

With Kerry set to meet foreign leaders in Europe this week to discuss
how best to move forward in that beleaguered land, pursuing cooperative
arrangements with the Putin team rather than continuing the failed policies
of the Neocons for more war seems the only sane course of action.
US seeks talks with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey on Syria – Kerry

That approach can diffuse the escalating tensions between Russia and
the US in Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere. It can be an enormous baby
step in the right direction of ending America’s pretense for global hegemony
and setting the foundation for a post WWII political order that is multi-polar.
Russia’s Syrian Operation to Smash Terrorists, End Tyranny of Banking Elite

With China and Russia collaborating to protect its economic interests through
the process of de-dollarization and reliance on the Silk Road/BRICS strategy
for developing Eurasia, the financially weak West/NATO bloc is being told
in no uncertain terms that the time for change has arrived.

Looking beyond the rhetoric used by President Obama at the UN last month which was only slightly less confrontational than the Neocon hawks running for president on the Republican ticket, the incumbent seems to be using the last year of his second term to finesse a series of peace deals with Russia, China and Iran that belie the harsh tones of his speech.

With Russia stepping up its attacks in Syria while the West does little to prevent
it, the potential for destroying the ISIS Frankenstein the U.S. help create by the Bush-led
“war on terror” increases daily.
Playtime Is Over! Russia to Increase Missions in Syria to 300 a Day

The always practical Chinese are jumping in militarily as well:
China Weighing Military Move in Syria

It seems we have a de facto situation emerging along the lines which I recently wrote
about when discussing the potential for relying on the UN and the rule of law in Syria:
Will The Rule Of Law Finally Prevail In Syria?

It is imperative we find a way to halt the trend toward confrontation and posturing
which wastes resources and creates the possibility of military conflict.
NATO launches biggest military exercise in 13 years in Sicily, mobilizing 36,000 personnel

The only answer other than total conquest and domination is cooperation.
Kissinger knows it; Obama and Kerry know it; Putin and Lavrov know it; and Donald
Trump appears to know it. Hillary and the Republicans seem stuck in the past and
are oblivious to the new realities facing the world while Bernie Sanders rarely
articulates anything other than his socialist domestic agenda.

Leadership—at least as inspiring as Putin’s—is what the we need today. Not more
wars; not more hawkish rhetoric; not more nuclear weapons; not more unilateral
interventions for regime change based on lies and hidden agendas.

As Craig Paul Roberts so eloquently expresses, the world needs to wake up and
pursue a far different course of action including Ronald Reagan’s dream of no
nukes if our progeny are to have a future.
Will the Crazed Neocons Bring Us Nuclear Winter?

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