TDS Strikes Again! Democrat Candidate Opposes Trump’s Afghan Withdrawal Plan

Burlington, WA
September 6, 2019

Marianne Williamson Aligns with “highly organized war establishment” in Opposing Trump’s Afghan Withdrawal Plan

by Rich Scheck

Although well-intended, Marianne Williamson has inadvertently aligned herself with the likes of John Bolton, Bill Kristol and other Neocon crazies opposed to President Trump keeping his campaign promise to withdraw US troops from foreign wars.

Granted, the spiritually oriented New Age guru has nobler motives than the more overt New World Order hawks.  But the practical consequences of her claim that Trump’s desire to leave Afghanistan is “unacceptable” are the same.

Ike was able to end the Korean war in 1953 that Truman got us into after 3 years with a loss of 50,000 troops killed.  Nixon struggled mightily to end LBJ’s Vietnam “Guns and Butter” adventure that the Democratic president launched after the dubious Gulf of Tonkin false flag attack in 1964.

A decade later with over 58,000 US KIAs, Kissinger was able to bring home a peace treaty for the almost impeached president who fled office in 1974 during the Watergate scandal.

Nearly 2 full decades after 9/11 provided the false pretext for our endless wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East, Trump appears to be on the verge of achieving a fragile withdrawal agreement with the Taliban who have fought the US to a stalemate with a great loss of lives to all involved, as well as a multi-trillion dollar price tag to America.

It is another ugly situation apparently triggered by the machinations of the VERY DEEP STATE with their plans for an NWO/Pax Americana global conquest scenario led by supposedly “exceptional” Americans politicians.

Even if she is totally sincere in insisting the US stay in that beleaguered country in the name of feminism,  Ms. Williamson is misguided by her naive inability to “fathom the realities of the Deep State.” Her sensitivity and concern for the victims of oppression are a welcome addition to the political conversation. But her comments belie her awareness of how invidious US policy is and the self-serving imperial nature of the American Leviathan.

Attempting to distinguish herself from the blood-thirsty hawks opposing withdrawal is close to delusional. The time for evoking the “divine feminine”, whether as a newly minted president or as an outside political commentator, will best come after our soldiers have departed the “burial ground of empires” that has seen Afghanistan defeat the Greeks, Britain, Russia and now America over the centuries.

Simply put, the cost of staying to free women from the burka and insure their ability to be educated, will result in many more lives and limbs lost. And as a person advocating democratic values, the high percentage of citizens who oppose the war should strongly influence her thinking.

It may be reassuring to Ms. Williamson that the proposed withdrawal is only partial but the above analysis is still valid IMO:

The fact that the US is addicted to staying in foreign lands once it makes its presence felt is a tragic symptom of our imperial legacy and should not be a reason for jubilation by well-meaning feminists or anyone else.

If the Democrats continue to oppose all-things Trump and exhibit the high-level of hatred they have demonstrated towards him for 4 years now, they will be complicit in undermining his potential to accomplish a peace deal. That would take Trump Derangement Syndrome to a new extreme and arguably enhance his re-election prospects.

Aligning with the Neocon hawks will do little to help Williamson win the presidency and will certainly do little to help America end its endless wars of conquest. A better way forward must be found and hopefully leaders like Tulsi Gabbard and Williamson can lead that charge with constructive suggestions that will free up our energies for peaceful pursuits rather than killing millions to free them from their oppressors.

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