RATgate: The New DNI John Ratcliffe Committed to U.S. Cybersecurity Controlled by Israel


Able Danger

Ed.’s note: President Donald Trump announced on July 28, 2019, that he intended to nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe to replace Dan Coats as Director of National Intelligence (DNI). It appears Don the real estate guy by having Ratcliffe appointed to the head of DNI, will turn DNI cybersecurity over to Israel. The following press release republished below is dated July 14, 2016 demonstrating Ratcliffe has been working with Israel on cybersecurity matters since then. What should be clear in everyone’s mind right now is that the goal of Israel is to dominate cybersecurity. There are a number of sources reporting Ratcliffe’s background readers can go to in order to make their own minds up about Ratcliffe’s possible appointment to DNI. Sort of sounds like to us anyway, Israel has had their cyber eye on Ratcliffe since at least 2016. Think very carefully when watching Ratclifffe in this clip. What does Robert Mueller know about espionage networks and Israel none of us are privy to and are completely unaware of?

We are going to stick to the cybersecurity angle with Ratcliffe working with Israel because that is what is most critical. What could be one of the reasons Dan Coats was asked to “step down” (it is being made to appear Coats resigned) as head of the DNI? Could it be Coats might have brought Israel into question that “created tension between the DNI and the White House?” The DNI oversees the country’s expansive network of intelligence agencies running on a combined budget of an estimated $80 billion a year and that’s not including the known “black budget” (parallel system of finance) which is in the billions. Much of this intelligence is farmed out to private intelligence firms which is why we are mostly clueless about what is happening.

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In the following John Ratcliffe press release published below, notice the standard phrase: “Israel is our strongest and most trusted ally in the Middle East.” This phrase is used so often in Washington it should be chiseled in marble then hung above the entrance door to the chamber of the US House of Representatives. That almost makes us laugh hysterically knowing Israel has been spying on American institutions and government longer than most Americans realize or care to even admit, including Don the real estate guy’s pick for the new head of the DNI John Ratcliffe. If this absurd statement is to be taken seriously, why is it that the US is being gradually kicked out of the Middle East as Russia and China move further and further into the region for China’s B&RI? Thanks to Don the real estate guy’s trade war with China, American microprocessor manufacturers are getting clobbered while China’s Huawei is about to launch into the stratosphere. So while we are witnessing before our very eyes the state of Israel becoming a powerful technologically sophisticated military regional super power, America will be left trying figure out how to dispose of rats (pun intended).

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Both the the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) and the United States-Israel Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation (BIRD) are mentioned in this press release. The R&D for cybersecurity will be “peer reviewed” by both the BSF and BIRD foundations. These two organizations are behind how American technology has been transferred to Israel under Israel’s Talpiot program. The Talpiot program is where to start to begin to understand how Israel has been able to amass so much power by stealth unrecognized by most Americans. The same can be said about most of the US Senate and Congress who have been neutralized mostly by Christian-Zionism and Israeli special interest groups.

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What we have been considering is that the Silvermaster Spy Group and later the Pollard spy case, which by the way was only the tip of the iceberg with these Soviet espionage networks, after being temporarily interrupted, probably later merged with the BIRD and the BSF Foundations. Probably the same is true of the US Treasury with the Jewish Steven Mnuchin “in charge of the treasury.” The US Treasury was completely taken over by this same Soviet espionage apparatus operating in the US beginning in around the early 1950s. This espionage network took over the US Treasury, after all, once you control the nation’s monetary policy, in adherence to James Jesus Angleton: “You can take the nation wherever you want it to go.” James Angleton further emphasized: “You don’t have to have a great or wealthy country to have a good intelligence service. As long as you have the norms, the disciplines, as long as you have the motivation, singleness of purpose; you can be a small service, have one great penetrationand you can move the world.” Israel is moving the world and America through the US Treasury re: one sanction after another which is economic warfare.

Angleton went on further to describe that “no one prior to December, 1974 would have ever conceived the debacle that occurred in the United States by what I would term an ‘inept intelligence leadership.’” That was 1974. Imagine the ineptness today with John Ratcliffe who works for the government of Israel over the US government (what’s left of it that hasn’t been privatized) being appointed to DNI? As a “democracy”, the United States does not have an intelligence service of any great merit despite the billions being poured into “intelligence” yearly. It was a short while later the Soviet intelligence asset Henry Kissinger signed the Israel-United States Memorandum of Understanding – 1975 establishing legal precedent to provide Israel technological and financial support that also created the BIRD and BSF Foundations. Subsequently, billions of dollars in private equity funds have been flowing into Israel’s tech sector ever since.

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Israel-United States Memorandum of Understanding – 1975


Source: Ratcliffe News Release

Reps. Ratcliffe and Langevin introduce U.S.-Israel cybersecurity legislation

Washington, DC, July 14, 2016

Reps. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) and Jim Langevin (D-R.I.) introduced legislation today aimed at strengthening collaborative cybersecurity research and development efforts with Israel. The two bills come on the heels of the lawmakers’ congressional delegation trip to Israel in May, which focused on key cybersecurity issues facing both countries.

Israel is our strongest and most trusted ally in the Middle East, and I’m proud to be partnering with Rep. Langevin on efforts that will grow and strengthen this bond through long-term collaboration on cybersecurity efforts between our countries,” Ratcliffe said.

“Our recent discussions with Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed just how important it is that we unite forces to formulate ongoing, effective strategies to best address the rapidly evolving cyber threats faced by both of our nations. After all, cybersecurity is national security, and we must be doing everything we can to fortify ourselves from the very real dangers posed by malicious cyber actors.”

“The United States and Israel are the two top exporters of cybersecurity technologies,” said Langevin. “Our bills will leverage the reservoirs of expertise in both nations to advance the frontiers of cyber science, and I appreciate Chairman Ratcliffe’s leadership on these issues. Cybersecurity is the security challenge of our age, and developing innovative ways of managing the risk we face demands cooperation with our close allies like Israel.”

The United States-Israel Cybersecurity Cooperation Enhancement Act of 2016 will create a cybersecurity grant program for joint R&D ventures between Israeli and American entities. These peer-reviewed proposals will be tailored to research requirements determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security in conjunction with an advisory board with members from successful US-Israeli partnerships including the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation and the United, States-Israel Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation.

The United States-Israel Advanced Research Partnership Act of 2016 expands a successful binational R&D program at the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency to include cybersecurity technologies. This collaboration between DHS and the Israeli Ministry of Public Security helps new products through the “valley of death” between basic and early-phase applied research and successful commercialization, and will help both countries develop solutions to the unique security problems found in the cyber domain.

Ratcliffe chairs the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Security Technologies. Langevin is the co-founder and co-chair of the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus.


Notice in the “born in America and conceived in Israel” Breitbart News source release this article about John Brennan criticizing Ratcliffe for being a “servile Trump loyalist.” Breitbart has been behind Trump from the very beginning starting with the Trump presidential campaign, in fact, Breitbart was the main source in promoting Trump’s entire campaign. To understand what is going on in Washington with people like John Brennan, Robert Mueller, Dan Coats, many others some compromised and this entire “RussiaGate” show, it would help to use Israel as the underlying premise for trying to understand what is going on. Breitbart News is an intelligence operation working out of Israel. Look at the image of John Brennan Breitbart used at the top of the article. Notice anything? It depicts Brennan having an angry scowling face. The article is meant to garner support for Trump while dismissing detractors of Ratcliffe’s possibly being placed in the DNI by Israeli interests.

John Brennan Calls DNI Pick John Ratcliffe a ‘Servile Trump Loyalist’

Once inside the DNI, Ratcliffe will become a choke point for Israel’s cybersecurity ambitions. Brennan’s Twitter comment: “The women & men in the Intelligence Community deserve a leader like Coats who puts nation first; not a servile Trump loyalist like Ratcliffe.” Reinterpreted: “The men & woman in the intelligence community deserve a leader like Coats who doesn’t put Israel first; not a servile Israeli loyalist like Ratcliffe.” This is what we are ultimately dealing with here. All these people in Washington are speaking in bureaucratic code. If anyone of them started bringing Israel up in any of these agonizing congressional hearings with Mueller looking befuddled and exhausted, these political shenanigans we are constantly subjected to like in a CIA rendition torture chamber, would be annihilated politically and thrown out to the dark recesses of the empire.

John Ratcliffe’s bio states that he is the “most conservative member in the US House of Representatives.” Don’t fall for it. Conservatism is a method used to derive support for a large cross section of American voters. The idea is that Trump is a “republican” and “conservative” and to make “America great again,” Trump will need his hand picked “conservative leaders in positions of power.” This isn’t the issue. The issue is technology. And we know that both liberal and conservative thinking on sensitive political issues are totally dominated first by Jewish discourse. This fact has an enormous impact on the rest of America on how people think about issues facing them. The real problem is the American public have been so thoroughly “Judeafied” they no longer realize what they have become: subservient to Israel.

There are a number of areas in Ratcliffe’s bio off his congressional website that need pointing out, the least of which is the image of him standing with his family next to the Christian-Zionist Vice President Mike Pence. That image alone should be enough to see where this is going. The ongoing cooperation between Israel and the US Department of Hebrew Security (in the US) in cybersecurity to defend the “homeland from terrorist threats.” First of all, going back to the state of Israel’s formation in 1947, there was no terrorism in the region prior to 1947. Then with the advent of the state of Israel (Soviet-Israel), “terrorism” was created in order to bring Israel to the point where it is at now: technological dominance. Look what else we are up against from Israel:

How a Small Group of Pro-Israel Activists Blacklisted MintPress on Wikipedia

Settlement wines not “Made in Israel,” Canadian court rules

Israel claims the right to “defend its homeland against constant terrorist threats,” so the Jewish state has “become a world leader in designing techniques and technologies for homeland security and counter-terrorism.” What is happening here is that anyone who disagrees or is critical of Israel, or official US policy on Israel being led by Christian-Zionist legislators like John Ratcliffe, and with all these acts being passed on cybersecurity cooperation between Israel and the US, will become an “enemy combatant,” a “terrorist” and a “belligerent”. That’s all of us.

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The point is, terrorism had to be created in order to justify this massive global security state arising and this coming anticipated $1 trillion cybersecurity business model that Israel will totally dominate. We doubt Ratcliffe himself fully comprehends the ramifications of his decisions in congress, so how will that effect his decisions at DNI on cybersecurity systems being built in Israel through billions in private equity investments? Ratcliffe was behind reversing the 1033 Program put in place by the Obama administration. The program was introduced to “restrict military equipment from being provided to police departments around the country.” Ratcliffe under the pretense of ensuring the “safety of law enforcement,” wants to further militarize police in America. How does this connect to many police departments all over the US sending detachments to Israel to learn “policing and security?” American police departments having military hardware trained in Israel?

As the ranking member of the House Judiciary Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security Subcommittee, Ratcliffe will have made certain Israel’s cybersecurity related tech firms through private equity investments will have priority over contracts on cybersecurity. Can somebody please explain why an American company couldn’t have provided this same work to the Department of Hebrew Security and had to go to Israel’s Elbit Systems to protect America’s border? Elbit Systems Ltd. located in Haifa, Israel is an international defense electronics company. Elbit won a $145 million contract for border-surveillance technology for the U.S. Department of Hebrew Security (DHS) in 2014. Ratcliffe wasn’t in congress at the time of this contract but it demonstrates Israel taking over security systems in the US. The same with New York City’s subway system? Why are Israeli firms constantly getting these contracts for America’s infrastructure and not American companies?

Israel’s Elbit Systems Wins Homeland Security Contract

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