“Men are Not Women” Speech Giver Assaulted, Attacker Facing Charges


Student Charged Over Attack at ‘Men Are Not Women’ Speech

President Donald Trump signs an executive order protecting free speech on college campuses in March. (Getty Images)


A University of Missouri-Kansas City student is facing charges after he sprayed a substance toward conservative political commentator Michael Knowles during a speech.

Knowles was giving a speech titled “Men are Not Women” on the Missouri-Kansas City campus Thursday when protesters disrupted the event. Authorities said that during the disruption, student Gerard Dabu used a water gun to spray a substance at Knowles, who was not injured. Police tackled and subdued Dabu with a stun gun near the stage.

Chancellor Mauli Agrawal said in a letter to the campus Friday that police reacted that way because they didn’t know if the substance was dangerous. Tests later determined it was lavender oil and other non-toxic household liquids.

Dabu was charged Friday in municipal court in Kansas City with assault and other violations.

Knowles is a conservative contributor to The Daily Wire and published a book titled “Reasons to Vote For Democrats” with blank pages.

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