Schiff-Cohen Meetings Scandal Business as Usual for Democrats

Rep. Nunes: Schiff-Cohen Meetings ‘Shouldn’t Be Shocking’


The news President Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen met several times with House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff and his staff before testifying before Congress “shouldn’t be shocking,” Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., also a committee member, said Friday.

“They were clearly devising how they will roll out a new narrative,” the California Republican told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “Despite all of that, they still came out and came out with a fake news story that has now been debunked.”

And no matter how much “witness tampering” was done, “you’re not going to find collusion in this unless you talk about the collision that the Democratic Party and the [Hillary] Clinton Campaign was doing with Russians,” Nunes said.

Even though he used the term witness tampering, Nunes acknowledged it was not in the legal sense, as there is “nothing illegal about talking to witnesses beforehand.”

However, if it was a “real investigation,” Republican and Democratic lawyers would have met with the lawyers of whoever was to testify, Nunes said.

Meanwhile, he said he finds speculation members of Trump’s family could face any kind of legal charges.

“The whole point of this Mueller investigation was, was there collusion or not?” Nunes said. “It is like this mythical creature that’s out there running around somewhere around the capital. You’ve got, you know, dozens and dozens of reporters who spend all day looking for this mythical creature. The Democrats, they prance out a new, new mythical creature every day. The press follows it.”


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