Changing The Conversation From Fires In California To War With Iran

Thousand Oaks, CA
November 20, 2018

by Rich Scheck

The writers at SOTN predicted the national conversation was about to change from the suspicious fires in California to some other dramatic event designed to distract the American public.

BEWARE: “The national conversation is about to be changed!”

It appears that issue has emerged in stunning detail with the release today of a statement by President Trump that provides both a whitewash of Saudi responsibility for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and a pretext for war with Iran.

Virtually every word is a lie or propaganda to perpetuate the War Machine! It is an Orwellian document that confirms the worst suspicions of those who have been
predicting Trump would morph into a petty dictator. Whether that could have been
prevented had his opponents not exhibited Trump derangement syndrome has become mere speculation in the face of this outrageous proclamation by the Commander In Chief.

Trump won the election with rhetoric declaring he would put America First and stop our endless foreign entanglements. That was either a bold lie or he has been successfully maneuvered into promoting Pax Americana rationalized by a belief in Global Manifest Destiny that some would label the New World Order!

The Democrats now have their grounds to impeach him for violating the principles of Nuremberg by threatening war as well as other war crimes. But they will never go there!

Instead they will continue to focus on peripheral, comparatively minor issues of race, gender, sexual misconduct, guns, health care, economic fairness and immigration.

In normal times, those matters would be very important and appropriate topics for political discussion. But these are decidedly NOT normal times.

After decades of endless wars that in the last 17 years alone have killed countless thousands at a cost of at least $6 Trillion with nothing to show for our effort except the
world’s enmity and the unraveling of the social fabric here at home, the American
people must rally to find a way to stop the War Machine before it kills us all!

Building a “pro-human future” will be no easy task. We must somehow find the
formula for doing so based on civility and the willingness to find a methodology establishing Truth and Reconciliation that can neutralize our lust for war.

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