BEWARE: “The national conversation is about to be changed!”

RED ALERT: Globalist Cabal Will Soon Change Conversation from California Fire Attack to Another Cataclysmic False Flag Event

The False Flag Environmental Terrorism
and Planned Destruction of California
is Much Bigger than 9/11 Attacks

“This powder keg in California is getting ready to blow.  It’s gonna blow up right in the faces of the perps.  It’s getting so hot in the CA kitchen that the globalist “chefs” themselves may get burned alive.  Therefore, everything points to a HUGE terror event being executed to change the conversation.  The talk — really, the truth — about the California fires is literally spreading like wildfire…across the planet.  Because their pants are on fire with lots of smoke, the whole world will soon know that the worst of these fires were started by the same globalist arsonists and geoengineering terrorists.  Before the California wildfire season of 2018, there was Athens, Greece; Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada; Gatlinburg, TN; Grenfell Tower fire in London; the European fires in Finland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom; among many other devastating and highly suspicious fires.  Some of these, like Paradise California  and the Grenfell inferno, were designed to be a literal human sacrifice, or holocaust, of sorts.”

—Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Army Officer

State of the Nation

Mass Death and Catastrophic Destruction Caused by Manmade Firestorms and Explosive Conflagrations in California Are Being Purposefully Intensified Each Successive Year Whereby the 2018 Wildfire Season Was Much Worse Than 2017

The parallels between the state-sponsored, false flag terrorist attacks conducted on September 11, 2011 and the multi-year false flag environmental terrorism in California are profound and prevalent.

KEY POINT: Because the American people never justly resolved the 9/11 terror operation, the United States has suffered one terrorist attack after another by the same clandestine culprits.  This failure to identify and bring to justice the true perpetrators, as well as those who carried out the cover-up which continues to this very day, has proven to have highly catastrophic consequences in every sphere of life throughout American society.

What’s the critical point?

When heinous war crimes and/or crimes against humanity are committed in broad daylight and not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, it only emboldens the incorrigible and criminally insane psychopaths to perpetrate even worse transgressions against humanity.  And so they have!

And so they are doing … throughout the once Golden State of California.  The New World Order globalist perps are deliberately charring the whole state BLACK.

California’s Geoengineered Firestorm Apocalypse: An Ongoing 9/11 Scale Event — MUST BE ADDRESSED by We the People

The most important thing that the U.S citizenry can do at this defining moment is throw the light — LOTS OF LIGHT — on the 9/11-style attack on the people of California.

There is a unique window of opportunity here that must be exploited to the max.  Those who geoengineered the California firestorms must be arrested and gotten of the streets…from the very top on down…right to the arsonists disguised as firefighters.

The American people cannot permit this egregious crime to go uninvestigated and unpunished.  The more who are aware of this massive betrayal of the body politic, the more likely a people-powered movement will form to topple the power structure that is responsible.

How will they do it?

How will the cabal quickly change the public discourse about the California psyop and terror operation?

The globalists will quite likely stage one of these 3 “shock and awe” events.

• Bioterror attack threatening mass death and leading to a pandemic

• Major nuclear mishap or explosion or reactor meltdown

• Weather warfare directed at a heavily populated metro area

The necessity for the gamechangers is that they must do something that is sufficiently disastrous and fear-generating that California will simply go away, as these terror events often do.

Given the ADD nature of the American populace, it’s usually quite routine for the cabal to distract US from what is truly important.  Hence, they may even implement multiple strategies that divert our attention from the brazen fire attacks on California.

At this pivotal point one thing is for sure: If these delusional psychopaths are willing to be caught red-handed destroying California, what won’t they do?!?!


The New World Order globalist cabal really screwed up in California.

They left their fingerprints all over the statewide crime scene.

Perhaps they did this by design.

Nevertheless, so many folks have woken up to these Gladio-style false flag operations that the perps are desperate to change the national conversation—FAST!.

How they will do that remains to be seen so it’s crucial to be vigilant.

State of the Nation
November 19, 2018

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