Emily Ratajkowski: This is the kind of woman who showed up today to protest the Kavanaugh nomination

Ratajkowski a model and an actress who poses in the nude as much as she does with clothes on.

Here’s Emily’s Wikipedia photo:

And then she has the audacity to protest a judge who was falsely accused of teenage misconduct.

Now here’s a video of Ratajkowski that seems to be a self-absorbed display of hyper-sexualized fantasy.  A quick review of the few so-called movies she’s made reveals just how much utter trash Hollywood can make in a few years.

These are the people who the Left trots out to lecture the rest of us on sexual mores and proper public behavior.

After behaving as her Internet presence graphically indicates, Lisa then has the chutzpah to post the following tweet about Judge Brett Kavanaugh as though she’s walking down a beach.

Truly, these people have no shame. Nor do they have any moral compass. That’s what the practice of lifelong Cultural Marxism does to the mind—warps it so that the ability to discriminate between right and wrong is greatly diminished.

The primary MO of Cultural Marxism is to totally degrade American society so that the nation is destroyed from within.  It looks like Lisa Ratajkowski is doing a heckuva job.

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