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Did Obama Really Kill Osama?


Did he have any legal or ethical basis to assassinate Osama bin Laden? Or is Obama just okay being a cold-blooded murderer? Really, what’s wrong with this picture? Here you see the President of the United States of America witness … Continue reading

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When a voter becomes accountable for the actions of the elected

We never hear it, but how very true it is. Who a voter votes for has consequences — all the way around. As in “what goes around, comes around.” Do you get it? The first time you voted for Barack … Continue reading

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Republican Governors Control 7 Of 8 Swing States This November

And the 8th swing state is controlled by a very conservative Democrat. Now that presents a very serious electoral challenge for Barack Obama, doesn’t it? That Republican Governors control the electoral apparatus in the following seven swing states is very … Continue reading

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