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Obama’s Fast and Furious “GunGate” Dwarfs Watergate


Fast and Furious Coverup Unraveling; Plot To Take Away Guns Exposed That the Watergate burglary was about a two bit break-in that Richard Nixon never even knew about in advance is now common knowledge. That Obama’s Fast and Furious Program … Continue reading

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Obama Flaunts The Most Flawed Legislation In US History

The US Federal Government has finally overstepped to a degree which is as unacceptable as it is intolerable. Completely over the top! Totally crossed the line! Beyond the pale! Washington has overreached into the pockets of millions of Americans without … Continue reading

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Electoral Calculus Guarantees An Obama Defeat In November

Barack Obama Cannot Win Re-Election Unless Votes Are Stolen In Key States The only way to accurately assess the most likely electoral outcome in the November 2012 presidential election is to understand what happened in 2008. The playing field in … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Orders Extrajudicial Assassinations With Impunity

Obama Orders More Illicit Executions Via Drones Than All Of His Predecessors Put Together President Obama literally executes innocents by remote on battlefields around the globe. Therefore, the Commander-in-Chief is guilty of premeditated murder in undeclared wars — a war … Continue reading

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MO of the Manchurian Candidate Obama

What are the obvious signs of a Manchurian Candidate? When a presidential candidate, who is also a sitting president, has committed a serious crime in plain sight, the red flags go up all over playing field. How so? Such a … Continue reading

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Barack Hussein Obama: The Ultimate Manchurian Candidate

Has anyone ever seen anything like it?! Is there any constitutional crisis even close to this unprecedented predicament in American history? We have a sitting president who has posted a thoroughly fraudulent and forged birth certificate on an official White … Continue reading

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