Florida’s Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee Andrew Gillum Failed Miserably As Tallahassee Mayor…

…and the George Soros-picked pawn will run the state into the ground just like Obama did to the country if elected.

Andrew Gillum with supporters

State of the Nation

Make no mistake about it, Andrew Gillum is an Obama-lite, Hillary-lover who ran a totally corrupt, shockingly incompetent and willfully negligent city administration in Tallahassee.

And that’s the good news!

The bad news is that he’s backed by the Soros dirty money machine that is dead set on capturing every major city in the nation…on the way to controlling every statehouse.

Really, just like Obama, Soros backed him early on even in his political career though this kid has no right even being there.

How in the world did Gillum really become the youngest mayor of the capital of Florida?

That’s right: he was specifically selected by George Soros as a part of the cultural marxist strategy to turn every American city into a sanctuary city.  The NWO globalist cabal has had their eye on Tallahassee for a long time as a means of swinging the Florida into a sanctuary state.

Toward that end, Soros & Company support young “Barack Obamas”who have no clue about how to govern.  Both Florida and the nation is now full of young black mayors who have essentially destroyed urban America, many perhaps irreparably.

Soros-picked pawn shocks even the Democrats in FL governor race

Just as Obama never did a single thing to help the economically depressed black communities, Gillum only succeeded in unabashedly perpetuating the network of corruption at City Hall that maintained the dismal status quo for minorities city-wide.

Because of how predictable minority municipal leadership is in keeping their core constituents destitute, the urban crimes rates have all gone through the roof.  While Gillum has been mayor, for instance, the murder rate in Tallahassee has gone up considerably.

In a recent article ranking “50 Worst Cities to Live In“, Tallahassee made the list at number 38.  Why, pray tell, would the residents of Florida want to promote such an unqualified, inept and inexperienced ultra-liberal politico to the governor’s office?


Workers remove downed trees during cleanup operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Hermine in Tallahassee

Hurricane Hermine

If there’s one glaring example of how Gillum would govern the state, it’s his disastrous response (actually, lack thereof) to Hurricane Hermine that hit in September of 2016.

Our firsthand experience of his sheer incompetence cannot be denied by anyone.  The author lived through the worst storm response ever by far here in the city of Tallahassee over 25 years.

Mayor Gillum was derided both locally and statewide for reacting in a such an irresponsible and neglectful manner.  Simply put, Gillum was AWOL when Hurricane Hermine blew through town.  His entire administration was out to lunch.  It was as if nobody was home at City Hall throughout the duration of the post-storm cleanup and power restoration phase.

The following article is one of several where Tallahassee residents reacted to the mayor’s gross negligence and unparalleled ineptitude.

Tallahassee Mayor Gillum Completely Falls Down on the Job Before and After Hurricane Hermine Hit

Right in the middle of the Tallahassee-wide Hermine fiasco, it was reported that Mayor Gillum and Governor Rick Scott got into a ‘shouting match’ of sorts.  In his extreme frustration Scott ended up taking complete control of the situation over-riding Gillum whenever necessary. See: Scott slams Tallahassee for how it handled Hermine last year

The bottom line here is that, given the extreme vulnerability of the entire state of Florida during hurricane season, the last person one would want at the helm is Andrew Gillum.

Soros’s urban takeover strategy

What makes Gillum such a scary candidate for governor is that he perfectly fits George Soros’s strategy for first taking over the all capital and major cities in the USA.  The Soros globalist cabal has been implementing this agenda with the goal of transforming all 50 states into sanctuary states.

Andrew Gillum is a key political pawn in this central pillar of cultural marxism.  Once the globalists take over the cities, they know it’s just a matter of time before the rural counties are converted to their ultra-liberal program.  Gillum was obviously groomed as Tallahassee mayor so that he could be installed by his handlers as governor of the fourth largest state in the union.

Gillum knows he has many masters to report to as the following video of his speech at Hillary’s Democratic National Convention clearly illustrates.  What is quite evident in this speech is that Gillum is nothing but a New World Order slave on the Soros-funded plantation that was supposed to have Hillary Clinton as the slave master.

Here’s the juvenile Democratic nominee for Florida governor speaking (Video)

Why any state would ever elect such a dyed-in-the-wool Obamabot and Clintonista to what is essentially the Chief Executive Officer position of Florida is absolutely mind-blowing.

Hopefully, many more than half of the voters will show up at the polls to reject this Democratic Socialist and Soros-anointed pawn.  If they don’t, Florida will be in a world of hurt—guaranteed!

State of the Nation
August 29, 2018

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