FBI, CIA, BLM, DHS: They’e all private contractors paid to kill Americans like LaVoy Finicum

Government-Sponsored Terrorism Revealed

By Anna Von Reitz

This is an oldie, but goodie, a final gift from a good man who spent three decades in the FBI back when the FBI was worth spitting on.

Read it with the realization that what he was reporting on back in 2011 has continued.

This whole situation came to our attention shortly after Ted Gunderson gave his testimony (below), but of course, we knew that the “government” involved in this harassment and racketeering wasn’t actually a government at all.

Once you understand that what we are witnessing is “color of law” operations by commercial mercenaries disguised as government agencies, it all makes sense.

The FBI isn’t part of our government. It’s a private, for-profit subcontractor of the Municipal United States, operated by a Holding Company calling itself THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, which also runs the BLM.

These are all private subcontractors of the Municipal United States Government swaggering around and “assuming” that they have authority to exercise the powers of our actual government—when they don’t.

Think: glorified Mall Cops, mercenaries, private security forces under the command of unaccountable foreign corporations operating on our shores without our knowledge or consent, racketeering, harassing, collecting protection money under force, illegally confiscating private property, thieving, pillaging — all under color of law and for profit, right here in America — while you are paying billions for “defense” and police forces that are supposed to protect you.

If this scares you and outrages you, it should.

Why do you think we took action and issued the General Civil Orders to the Joint Chiefs back in 2013? Alerting them to the problem and ordering them to clamp down on these yahoos?

That’s called “denying the Joint Chiefs plausible deniability” and that is what is called for in this situation. Every member of Congress, every General, every senior Bureaucrat—- all need to be hounded and informed — on the record, officially, provably, until their ears bleed.

The men in the field need to know that they have no legitimate “government” authority. They need to know that they don’t have a real office, oath of office, or government bond behind them. And all these politicians and “agencies” need to know that we are wise to it. Fed up with it.

Those men who killed LaVoy Finicum?

They are literally hired foreign mercenaries. The vermin are ambushing and murdering their own actual employers and getting applause for it from other idiots who think these criminals represent the forces of Law and Order.

And all of this is being done under “color of law”.

N.B. CONCLUSIVE PROOF: LaVoy Finicum Was Murdered By The FBI—Premeditated Murder


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