Deep State in Deep Doo-doo


The Deep State is in Deep Shit. Their Balloon Payment has come Due, and They Can’t Cover it.

by u/lily_levasseur

We see it every day:

The old leaders like the Clinton’s & Obama’s flying to every last corner (literally) of the planet to try and round up any scraps of support they can garner, openly, shamelessly begging for handshakes and a few shekels.

The old brass like Brennan and Comey -alternating between trying to get ahead of the story through sympathy and making overt public threats.

The old influence peddlers like the Podesta’s closing shop, paralyzed yet poisonous, waiting for any opportunity to take a stab at any sort of viable defensive position.

The old press like CNN & NY Times spinning-spinning-spinning, regardless of their lost viewers and ad revenue.

Anything, literally anything is on the table just to stay alive at this point, to keep a dog in the race, knowing they’ve already flogged the dog to death, but desperately needing to keep it running.

What gives? Because this is not the way rational people act.

Q says they’re stupid.

I agree, but I think they’re acting so stupidly because their bills are coming due, and they are desperately seeking any possible means of paying this “balloon payment” to their masters.

It was always a bad loan, but they thought they’d rigged the system. He’d be the first black president, and she’d be the first female. It was a super-easy agreement to make, the ultimate “insurance policy” to to indemnify them against any incontinuity.

It had to be seamless. It was totally seamless. Until it wasn’t.

It’s not that they won’t stop; it’s that they can’t stop. In every sense of the word – they literally, figuratively and demonstratively CAN NOT stop, because if they stop, they’re obligated to pay this debt.

They never thought she’d lose.


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