How Zionism Controls the Narrative in the Run-up To War in Mideast


SOTN Editor’s Note:
The following comment was posted under a article titled: US Officials: Israel Preparing For War With Iran, Seeking US Support.

The commenter makes several excellent points which can no longer be ignored.  If the hot phase of World War III is to be averted, this critical information must be responded to by every American.  Israel only starts wars with the full support of the United States military.

State of the Nation
May 1, 2018

by FBaggins

The Zionists who are running the US, Britain, France and Israel command the major politicians and media networks in theses nations and the majority of those who identify themselves as Jewish and in positions of power and influence.  The Rothschild banking network is colossal and the US financial establishment is subservient to it just as every major media chain and politician in the US has been for the past 100 years. The Rothschild’s of Britain are avowed Zionists with first loyalties to Israel, which they view as their creation. However, they have a symbiotic relationship with the British establishment. Working together, it took them about 110 years to take back financial control of the US after the 1776 Revolution, but as things ended up it is the Zionists who now control both nations.

There is a huge difference between reform-minded Christians trying to purify their church or denomination from corruption or deviations from universal Christian principles, and Jewish people trying to reform Talmudic Judaism or the Zionist movement. Talmudic Judaism is not even as universal as Islam. It regards the Jewish people as the “chosen” race and exclusive. The universal neighbor principle which so often is used to check Christians from exploitation and harm to others outside of their group (i.e., all people must be seen as children of God and eligible for salvation), is not present in Talmudic Judaism.  Rather, the religious loyalties and duties are tribal and exclusive. Ratcheting these beliefs up a few notches you have the Zionist movement which (based what they have done since Herzl in the late 1800’s in their ruthlessness and inciting so many wars), is a movement which appears to have no moral limits except to its own tribe. Despite its enormous self-admitted power and wealth, any criticisms of the abuses of that power are wealth are deemed as racist or hate-mongering.  The control of the Middle East and its resources is just one step on their way to control of Russia, which geopolitical dominance is intended to coincide with global financial hegemony.

There are indeed many Jewish people who do not share Zionist loyalties, but unless they convert from Talmudic Judaism, it is very difficult for them to speak out, or to go against such extreme tribal loyalties. If it was not for all the good Jewish people we know and have worked with, who are liberated from all the nonsense, and who on their own merit have made such amazing contributions to others, it would be justified to subject the entire ethnic group to disapproval and correction. But we are not doing that here. We are discerning the truth and trying to avert more injustice, and more senseless and unjust wars caused by a very unbalanced movement and people in its control, like Mr. Netanyahu, Mr. Trump, Mr. Bolton, Mr. Pompeo, most members the US Congress, and the US mainstream media. 


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