Sessions has proven to be a Deep State asset


Jeff Sessions is the “Insurance Policy”

The only question that remains is whether President Trump knew in advance that Jeff Sessions was a Deep State plant.

If Trump knew Sessions was a real Swamp rat, then the whole thing stinks like swamp gas.  If Trump found out when we all did, then he gets an F- for the worst hiring decision of his life…and ours too!

After all, every high school civic student knows that the single most important appointment for any POTUS is his Attorney General.  Isn’t this exactly why JFK appointed RFK?!

As brilliant as the Q cult claims Tump to be, he’s made several disastrous appointments of Neocon Zionists to key positions that reveal him to be an Israel Firster.  The nation will soon know if that is in fact the case.  If he is, he will never be re-elected.  If he always was, he knew there could never be peace in the Mideast as long as Israel was supported by the U.S. military.

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by macholatte

Trump’s BIGGEST single mistake was failing to fire Sessions after Sessions recused himself. We now know Sessions is Trump’s Judas Iscariot .

How about the very well documented and obvious Collusion Crimes & Felonies:

1. Sessions recused himself, on Rosenstein’s advice, from getting involved with any Trump campaign related investigations – here come the Trump campaign related investigations.
2. Rosenstein is named assistant AG
3. Rosenstein recommends that Comey be fired.
4. Trump fires Comey.
5. Rosenstein recommends Wray, good buddy of Comey & Mueller, to be new FBI director.
6. Comey testifies that he leaked a memo (stuff he made up) because he knew it would trigger a special counsel to investigate the Trump campaign for Russia collusion (how did he know that? Part of the plan with Rosenstein?)
7. Rosenstein appoints Mueller (good friend of Rosenstein & Comey) as the special prosecutor with open authority to investigate a suspected activity that was not a crime if it did exist.
8. Rosenstein & Wray stonewall congressional investigations into DOJ & FBI criminality.
9. Sessions refuses to appoint special counsel to investigate Hillary and DOJ & FBI criminality.
10. Sessions appoints John Huber, Obama appointee & swamp rat, to assist Inspector General without any power to subpoena or seat a Grand Jury.
11. Stormy Daniels is used to demoralize Trump and is assisted by FBI. Since when does the FBI get involved in the kind of civil actions raised by a prostitute?
12. Michael Cohen is raided by FBI regarding an issue that should be reserved for state court. Attorney client privilege is violated. This alone is a criminal act but nobody to prosecute it.
13. Months before the Cohen raid Rosenstein-Mueller used the Cohen-Stormy situation to launch investigation into Cohen and thereby spy on Trump conversations with his attorney.
14. Judge appointed to hear the Cohen case is Prog Hack & Soros-Clinton crony Kimba Wood.

Conclusion: Sessions, Rosenstein, Comey, Wray and Mueller colluded to assist the “Soros-Clinton-Obama Resistance” to thwart all efforts to indict Clintons and Obama and expose the corruption at the FBI, DOJ and State Dept.



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