Rohnert Park, CA
April 23, 2018

Americans United In 2020: A New Party To Take Back Our Country

by Rich Scheck

It’s time, America: we desperately need a new political party to replace the two-party tyranny that has dominated our country for decades and created the Washington Consensus: the trade-off between the Welfare State and the Warfare State that has bankrupted us financially and morally while making us a pariah among other nations that once viewed us as a leader.

Freedom and liberty have been replaced by the surveillance state, the permanent war economy and mindless consumerism, what I call the Huxwellian World of 2018!

We can and must do better to ensure a brighter future for those who come after us. Trump promised to drain the swamp but has been captured by the Deep State that is exploiting his many weaknesses to ensure it is their agenda that is implemented rather than the one he ran on in 2016.

Obama had promised “Hope and Change” that included no more “stupid wars” only to succumb to the machinations of the Military-Industrial Complex.  Not only did he sign off on interventions in Libya and Syria, he agreed to spend One Trillion Dollars to modernize our nuclear arsenal: this from a man awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Likewise, President George W. Bush whose “humble foreign policy” rhetoric quickly gave way after 9/11 to interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere based on dubious intelligence to support Cheney’s “Long War” and unitary executive theory approach to international affairs.

As Trump himself recently mentioned again, we have spent multiple trillions on these wars with no end in sight and little to show for it except the enmity of countless millions who now resent us.

With no peace dividend and endless increases in defense budgets, those running both parties are mired in multiple scandals reflecting the massive corruption that has penetrated their institutions.

Internal reform efforts have failed to capture control whether it is Bernie Sanders within the Democrats or Ron Paul within the Republicans. Trump represented a tentative victory for the outsiders, but his Cabinet choices and questionable judgment combined with a reckless, combative personal style have undermined his ability to bring about real change.

We need dramatic reform; perhaps another American Revolution to take back our power. We must say NO to those who abuse our trust and the authority we delegate to them via elections. That is doable because, despite their contempt for each other, the small businessmen and populists on the right have enough in common with the social justice warriors and environmentalists on the left to cooperate in a transpartisan manner that can transform our nation into a much healthier place.

It’s time for these groups to put aside their differences and unite to Make America Good Again! Together, Americans United In 2020 can rekindle the spark needed to make a real difference in our lives. Let’s work to take back our country.

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