Sellout Trump Knowingly Hawks Fall Flag Chemical Attack To Justify Syria Bombing


Trump Launches Limited Attack on Syria Before Douma Hearts and Minds Psyop Falls Apart

by Scott Creighton

Idiot Trump trumped the stories about him selling out and looking into signing up for the TPP after all by giving into the war-mongers and launching a very small scale set of strikes against Syria last night in response to the ridiculous propaganda perpetrated by the White Helmets (WH) in Douma. It had just become known yesterday morning that the British pressured the WH into staging the event in a hasty effort to cover-up for the failing Skripal/Salisbury poisoning case. Reports had also come out from witnesses who are actually seen in one of the “chemical attack” videos that there were no victims of chemical agents and that the WH simply ran in there and started a panic so they could film it. Earlier, local doctors working for the Red Crescent Society had come to the exact same conclusions after conducting their own investigation. They work in a local hospital in the area. Several other witnesses from several other sources have reported the same thing: no chemical weapons attack.

Yesterday, upon invitation of the Syrian government, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) started their official investigation on the ground in Douma. For security reasons, they will not disclose exactly where they will be at any given time. God forbid we allow a real investigation to get in the way of all those “national interests” of ours.

Tucker Carlson’s interview the other night is getting a lot of attention across the fake political divide because he was simply reasonable and suggested folks wait til a real investigation takes place before blaming someone based on what al Qaeda,al Nusra/Jaish al Islam/Army of Islam and the White Helmets tell us. God forbid we reserve judgement until all the facts are in.

Former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, went on BBC Radio a day ago and made it perfectly clear he thinks the whole thing is a staged provocation. Haven’t seen many try to dismiss him as a conspiracy theorist who hates our “national interests” but the weekend is young.

Yesterday, Former British Army commander Gen. Jonathan Shaw got abruptly cut off during an interview on Sky News when he simply made a few reasonable comments regarding motive and timing of this ridiculously staged provocation. Can’t have logic and reason getting in the way of our hearts and minds campaigns being waged on the unsuspecting populations on the HomeFront, now can we?

Yesterday the Syrian army announced they had found a chemical weapons lab left behind by Jaish al Islam. Needless too say that news wasn’t covered in the complicit press.

Yes, the Douma “chemical weapons” story was falling apart and falling apart at light speed last week. So it seems, before all the air was out of the trial balloon, they decided to go off half-cocked and launch another set of illegal missile strikes against a sovereign nation on behalf of our terrorist proxy army fighting to bring about an Islamist state in Syria (that’s what Jaish al Islam was founded on… that and U.S./Saudi money)

“The US, UK and France launched strikes against targets at three sites in Syria in the early hours of Saturday morning, following a week of threats of retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack on civilians in Douma.

“I ordered the United States armed forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapon capabilities of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad,” Trump said late Friday at the White House.

The strikes were launched at 9 p.m. ET, as most of Europe and the Middle East was shrouded in darkness. Photos showed missiles streaking over the night sky in Syria, and witnesses told CNN they heard explosions in the capital Damascus as Trump was making his address.

Russia’s news agency TASS reported that none of the missiles fired by the three western nations struck areas near its naval and air bases in Syria. Those bases come under the protection of Russian air defense units…” CNN

Casualty reports suggest collateral damage is at a minimal at this point with only 3 people reported injured and there have yet to be any reports about Iranian or Russian victims. As expected and with good reason, the Syrians, Iranians and the Russians have said this is an illegal act according to international law… but since the U.S. is a rouge nation at this point, I doubt any of our “national interests” really care.

The strikes themselves took place in Homs and right outside Damascus. Trump and his cronies claim they targeted chemical weapons facilities but since we know the alleged use of them was a fabrication, it stands to reason they targeted something else.

It should be noted that while the U.S. and her terrorist Kurd allies are holding fast in the area to the east of the Euphrates river (what they eventually want to break off for the Greater Kurdistan project) the Syrian government has all but won the war against the regime change terrorists in the west. The western part of Syria was apparently promised to Israel as part of the Greater Israel project.

And perhaps not unrelated, in two separate interviews recently (Tucker Carlson’s was one of them) “experts” when asked what our “national interests” were in Syria with this regime change operation, replied something to the effect of “well, if you are a friend of Israel” (in the other interview the “expert” said when asked about what Assad did wrong, that he should have negotiated with Israel way back in the day. Why Israel? What do they have to do with it you might ask. Well… there you go.)

It seems someone’s throwing a little tantrum because they see the Glorious Kurds getting what they want out of this playground bullying session while they are not. Of course, they are too busy shooting unarmed protesters and journalists in Gaza to bother fighting their own stealing turf wars in the Middle East.

It was the U.S., France and Britain that launched the strikes.

So before the whole pretext narrative could fall completely apart and on a Friday evening in order to kill the headlines, President BetrayUsOnTPPrump let his war-mongers-in-chief launch strikes against Syrian targets on behalf of al Qaeda/al Nusra/Jaish al Islam/Army of Islam fighters… and our cowardly little friends in Tel Aviv.

Sputnik says most of the incoming missiles were downed by Syria’s air defense systems.

Press TV reported the Syrian defenses intercepted a “significant number” of the over 100 missiles launched.

One of the “national interests”, Raytheon, got excited because now they have orders for “over 100 missiles” At about a million bucks a pop, that ain’t chump-change.

Right at a time when Syria was looking to at least resolve a little violence and bloodshed in half of their country, along comes a posse of Israel’s lackeys to launch cruise missile attacks at their capital at the behest of al Qaeda.

“The capital of a sovereign government, trying for years to survive under terrorist aggression, has been attacked. You have to be quite abnormal to attack Syria’s capital just at the moment when it had a chance for a peaceful future.” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova

When the bloodsuckers get wind of prey, a weaker nation they can absorb into their neoliberal globalist agenda, they rarely give up. And when something as big as Condi Rice’s “new Middle East” is at stake, they probably never will.

WWIII be damned. There’s shekels in dem der hills. And that’s all it takes, if you’re a friend of Israel with our “national interests” at heart.

Logic, reason, due process, international law? Meaningless to rouge states. Terrorist states. Irregular warfare states. Torture-backing states. States that look forward not back. Never back. Unless it’s at the Holocaust. Never forget the Holocaust. But forget everything else. Even who al Qaeda used to be. Now they are Jaish al Islam and we need to launch some cruise missiles at a country that never did a thing to us in order to protect their Islamification operation. It’s a funny world since 9/11 ain’t it. I guess Bush the Lesser was right… it changed everything.

Maybe the Trumpster would be better served spending less time with his glorious generals and a little more time with the rank and file. I’m a Navy brat and I know there’s some sound common sense to be found there. Hopefully President CombOver will learn that one day.

Till then I guess we just got to suck it up and hope one of his military leaders taking orders from Tel Aviv doesn’t “accidentally” launch a cruise missile at a Russian aircraft carrier. And we should hope for calmer, more rational leaders in those other countries to continue practicing restraint as the petulant little spoiled brats throw their temper tantrums over their terrorist proxies losing their regime change campaign.

I guess we should also hope Bibi doesn’t come up with the idea of painting a couple fighter jets to look like Iranian planes and use them to attack a U.S. surveillance vessel. But they wouldn’t do that again… would they? Nah… they never repeat the same bullshit false operations they used in the past… do they?

Aw shit…


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