The Trump Tweet That Could Destroy His Presidency


Trump Tweet Directed At Russia Completely Undermined His Credibility

In the absence of any plausible and rational clarification of the preceding tweet, President Donald J. Trump has severely undercut his integrity.  What follows is a straightforward explanation of the upshot of his mortifying tweet posted by Tedx.


The last tweet attributed to Trump had him challenging Russia’s claim that US missiles would be shot down if fired at Syrian targets.  It was written in such a childish way that I had to wonder if Trump was responsible for it, or was even aware that it had been published.

Regardless, as President, Trump has the power to make public statements that cannot be censored.  He can set the record straight at any time. Clearly, anyone who believes Assad would gas his own people without rational motive is mentally challenged.  If Trump actually believes such claims, he is unfit to be the US President.  If he knows the claims are untrue and pretends they are true, he is unfit to be US President, as well. In any case, Trump has lost his base, and it’s all his fault.

The preceding comment was posted by Tedx under an article titled: ‘The Coup Is Complete, Trump Is Done’: Luongo

Tedx makes the point quite well.  A POTUS simply shouldn’t ever talk or write like this.  Especially when only death and destruction occurs in the wake of such a U.S. missile attack are such tweets downright macabre.  Not presidential…and quite disgraceful.

Calling another head of state a “gas killing animal” without a shred of evidence is very bad form.  No POTUS should ever cast aspersions in such a rude and reckless manner, especially on a global public platform.  Doing so greatly erodes the dignity of the office.  Such outrageous behavior is truly repugnant for any officer of the U.S. Federal Government.

But the much more important point here is that raining missiles down on a war-torn sovereign nation for a war crime that government did not commit is itself a war crime.  And President Trump is already stone-cold guilty of this criminal behavior after launching an unlawful missile attack exactly one year ago.

No investigation, no evidence, no commission, no trial—just a summary and arbitrary verdict by the US government.  And then the POTUS hands down a death sentence to those innocent souls who happen to be in the way of the Tomahawk cruise missiles.
S A D !  Very sad indeed!


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