Lying Mainstream Media Fabricates Utterly Fake News About D.C. March–NBC said 800K attended, CBS says it was 200K!


NBC Tried to Claim There Were 800,000 Gun Control Marchers in DC — Not Even Close

Julio Rosas

Zach Gibson/Getty Images

In the aftermath of the March for Our Lives that took place in Washington, D.C., and across the country, NBC News erroneously reported on social media the number of marchers was almost 1 million. The true number, however, was significantly lower.

Initially, NBC News reported there were an estimated 800,000 people who registered to vote at the march on Saturday but then issued a “correction,” saying 800,000 is the number of people who participated, which is what the March for Our Lives organizers claimed the number to be in the nation’s capital:

CBS News, however, reports there was actually an estimated 200,000 people at the march. The number comes from Digital Design & Imaging Service Inc. Organizers were hoping to reach a crowd size of 500,000.

Julio Rosas/IJR

DDIS says there were an estimated 202,796 people. The company’s margin of error for its estimate is 15 percent.


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