Team TRUMP vs. NWO Criminal Cabal: What’s the real intel telling us?

I had a conversation with a few friends “in the know” last week, and would like to share some of what they told me about the Trump administration and beyond.

by answersfromthegreat


This is some intel from friends and associates in the know. Take or leave what you want. There are breadcrumbs available for those who are looking. This is just a write-up for the time being.

There is a faction within the intelligence agencies and great deal of personnel in the military who have filled Trump and company in on the inner workings of the deep state. The deep state is only one faction of a large, international criminal cabal whose overarching goal is a one world system of government with the purpose of owning the entirety of the Earth’s capital and the ability to influence citizens of all countries to do that which is convenient for them.

They have been operating beyond just the scope of government. The entertainment industry, the sports industries, the news media, the tech companies, the advertising industries, and within organized religions (this is not to condemn religion itself, but the high degree of corruption at the top of many religious systems).

Estimations of those involved range from two to ten million worldwide, with varying degrees of access to information. The band of useful idiots goes even further.

They are coordinating and using MKUltra (and beyond) related techniques to condition, brainwash, and program people on a mass scale to accept that which inches them towards their ultimate agenda.

Some of these higher-ups have dual roles in the public eye and inner circles and they are sometimes counter-intuitive. For example, someone may appear to be merely an A-list actor or talk show host but have a significant amount of influence and/or authority on the inside. Another may appear to be a high-ranking politician to the public, but may have very little authority on the inside. Establishment puppets are a very real thing. Meanwhile, some people who appear to be puppets are actually perpetrators.

Trump has been privy to this world due to his prominence in business. He did not know the extent of it, but he was aware of the general conspiracy. He has refused to play ball with them in a significant way, but he has cooperated to some degree throughout his life.

During Trump’s first flirtation with running for president, he was courted many times by this cabal and rejected them. He was subsequently squashed. He regrouped for the 2016 election by tapping the right people and came up with a strategy to win the election by bypassing the machine and going directly to the people.

He was fully aware going into the campaign that his character would be assassinated. He planned, spoke, and behaved accordingly. I’ve been told he intentionally leaked the Billy Bush tape himself, but I haven’t figured out to what end. Some have suggested he was looking for rats within his own inner circle.

Anyway, as Trump’s popularity grew and it became obvious on the inside that he had a substantial chance at winning the election, the cabal coordinated to “activate” the programming. Things like the women’s march, just for example, were held deliberately for them to monitor how many people they had who were loyal to the Cabal and willing to mobilize.

Although they had high numbers, they were still far less than they were expecting, and Trump’s popularity was far more than they anticipated.

Trump is genuine. He is a pragmatist, though. His goal is to destroy this cabal completely, to undo the damage they have done to America, and to restructure the country around the constitution with an honest election system so that future administrations can expand upon his ground work into new levels of prosperity and peace in this country. Because he is working around a massive and influential criminal group, he is under constant scrutiny by them as they attempt to play defense and counter-strike. This means he cannot always be transparent and 100% honest. He is doing what is necessary, but not always what the best optics are.

For example, much of the mini-feud between him and Jeff Sessions is theater so there cannot be certainty as to whether or not Sessions is doing his job in relation to draining the proverbial swamp. I am told they are building RICO charges that include big names across all fields of notoriety. Even, in some cases, places you wouldn’t expect. Authors, chefs, reality TV stars, pop culture scientists.

Quick note: there is controlled opposition out there, however there are very few open Trump supporters who are controlled opposition. Despite all the craziness, I am told Alex Jones is legit. He is eccentric, he embellishes for effect, he will occasionally act in self-interest for ratings or merchandise sales, but he is actually in direct opposition to the cabal and reasonably well connected to people in the Trump camp and the “greenlight” factions of the intelligence agencies.

They also infiltrate a lot of “people’s” movements in an effort to rile support up. Their goal is destabilization, so they are indiscriminate. I am told they are behind both AntiFa and public nazi rallies, with useful idiots getting swept up along the way.

However, if the Trump administration were to take down the entire Cabal at once at the present time, it would appear as a hostile take-over. You have to remember that a large portion of the world has been quite literally brainwashed through the media and education systems.

So, Trump’s administration strategy is two-fold at the present time. The first is de-programming the masses. This means infiltrating and politicizing every field of influence that has been used as part of the propaganda machine. This includes things like polarizing people over the national anthem kneeling phenomenon with an effort to wake people up who are distracted, incite them to frustration so they are more likely to speak what they actually believe so as to help wake up their friends/neighbors/co-workers/family themselves, and to force the people who are part of the deception and those who have been brainwashed by them into defending indefensible and reprehensible ideas and people.

He is actually attempting to push the left even further so as to create cognitive dissonance in people who are good-natured and reasonable but misguided. This pushes some even further left, and wakes others up to the truth. Lather, rinse, repeat. The left gets smaller and more sinister, while his supporters grow.

Once you look for this, you can not unsee it. He is doing this in every sphere. Late night TV, news media, sports industry, etc. He is manipulating the way they manipulate people in order to force them to go too far for decent and logical people, at which time the “spell” begins breaking. To those who still buy it, the cannibalization of that side pushes people further away.

Second, the Trump administration is priming the public for The Happening. The timing of Harvey Weinstein’s takedown was purposeful, and I’m told, influenced heavily by the actions of Steve Bannon. The purpose is to take down someone who is enough of a public figure that people will start understanding that deviant and immoral sexual behavior is a problem of those in recognizable and influential circles, but isn’t so beloved as to cause mass civil unrest.

It had the desired effect of causing a chain reaction, which will continue, of discussing the issue of this in larger hollywood. Harvey Weinstein is also politically connected, which begins priming the public for these people to possibly be connected to criminal behavior. It is largely subconscious for most people, but it is helping people transition their understanding without creating despair and unrest on a catastrophic scale.

The same thing is happening with local and state politicians being taken down on similar charges.


As many of you are aware, child sex trafficking is very prominent in these circles for reasons too dark to go into at the present time. A lot of people are expressing concern about this being allowed to continue while there is apparently inaction. I can say that many of the collection rings are being completely rolled up so that new children cannot be abducted or trafficked. Many other rings have been busted, to minimal or no media coverage, liberating at this point thousands of children/minors from these rings.

Additionally, this movement is not undetected by the cabal. Many people are flipping, fleeing, or simply distancing themselves. I’m told some celebrity deaths over the last 8 months are a charade for high-profile people going into protection from the cabal and others are possible assassinations of those who are no longer compliant. Keep an eye on this in the future.

There is no possible way to discern a timeline on this. The Trump administration and the intelligence agencies are operating around people in their own ranks, and as such are not telegraphing very much. I have been told that Trump has delivered coded messages publicly, though, and that if we keep an eye on that, there are some that we may be able to discern ourselves. They are not intended for us, though.

Also, much of when The Happening can happen depends upon the risk of destabilizing the country. We should be encouraged to hold our ground and speak the truth, and not give up the cultural zeitgeist to the left for fear of losing friends and the like. Make reasoned arguments. Cite sources. Encourage the use of primary sources. Walk people through questions into logical contradictions in their own thinking. Help these people, don’t hate them.

When the tides really begin turning, the information about how far the corruption and misinformation goes can truly start to be released on a large scale, and the mass arrests can actually occur. The Trump circles are doing a great job at infiltrating people’s spheres of awareness and waking people up, but we can accelerate our things on a local and personal level.

Something to keep in mind: this is a long running con. There is much that we hold to be true that simply isn’t, but has been made up for sinister reasons. Be open to changing your worldview a bit as we move forward. I have heard things that sound insane, but come from trusted sources, including but not limited to: Global warming being completely fabricated by purposeful mishandling of data, certain viruses and diseases being released to humanity purposefully (AIDS, specifically cited), cures for many, many, many types of cancers existing with successful trials but that have been suppressed, studies that have been suppressed demonstrating psychic phenomena (including mass scale memetics influencing reality, something they have used to their own benefit in secret), extraordinarily advanced technology being kept hidden from the public, and more.

It is also worth noting that it is documented that people within the highest ranks of this cabal participate in occult practices, often in worship and sacrifice to Judeo-Christian demons they believe genuinely exist and offer power. Many believe themselves to be in direct service of a literal Satan, and direct opposition to the literal Jesus Christ.

Whether or not what they believe is a reality is something you have to work out for yourself. But I thought it worth mentioning.

If there’s any interest, I’ll answer a few questions. But this is mostly just an info dump after an interesting weekend of conversation for those who are interested. I don’t intend on demonstrating this to skeptics, although there are most definitely breadcrumbs and hard evidence floating around out there for those who are interested.

Take or leave what you will.


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