‘Why is the police here? This is strange.’ — High school teacher who witnessed the shooter firing his rifle


What really happened: Questions about the horrific shooting in Florida

It’s up to the people to investigate and ask questions that will shed light on what really happened because there’s no investigative agency or journalist that I would trust to do it

By Charles Wills
Canada Free Press

What really happened: Questions about the horrific shooting in Florida
The school shooting in Florida has dominated the news for a reason other than getting to the truth about what really happened. The media and their political accomplices are using the event to go after the second amendment instead of questioning people involved, like the deputies who sat out the event. On top of that, top-cop Israel is blaming anything and everybody, except himself and the shooter, for what happened. According to Israel and his gun grabbing comrades, it wasn’t the shooter, it was the gun. Someone should ask Israel and the gun grabbers if they think the gun had a mind of its own.

Moreover, I was surprised to learn that Israel said he gave the deputy a gun, a badge and training, and the deputy failed to act. Now Israel is claiming that the deputy was at fault for not stopping the shooter. Israel’s statements make about as much sense as his remark to a question Jake Tapper asked. When Tapper asked him if a more competent sheriff’s office could have prevented the horrific tragedy, Israel replied: “If, ifs and buts were candy and nuts, O.J. Simpson would still be in the record books.” You have to wonder just how delusional Israel must be to make such an irrelevant and stupid statement. It’s obvious that something went wrong, and it’s blatantly obvious that the training the officer received was insufficient, if not totally flawed.

In other words, the training the officer received wasn’t good enough, or Israel’s judgment of the officer’s fitness for duty was bad, or it was a combination of both. As a leader, it was Israel’s responsibility to see to it that all the men under his command were well trained and fit for the duty assigned to them. Any way you look at it, Israel’s leadership was not good enough. Maybe, Israel was too involved in political activities and self-aggrandizement to properly carry out his duties as top-cop.

The problem I have with the official account of the shooting is that the testimony of survivors doesn’t support the official account. A teacher who survived the shooting said, on Good Morning America, that the shooter was dressed in full body armor with a helmet and face mask.

“Then I suddenly saw the shooter, about 20 feet from me, standing at the end of the hallway, actively shooting down the hallway – just a barrage of bullets. And I’m staring at him thinking, ‘Why is the police here? This is strange.’ He was in full metal garb – helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I’d never seen before.”

Furthermore, several witnesses reported that the shooters (plural) were dressed in police SWAT gear. That’s not the only problems I have with the official account. We were told that Cruz took an Uber taxi to the school and arrived just two minutes before the shooting started. Did the Uber driver happen to notice that Cruz was dressed in full SWAT assault gear, or that he was carrying an assault rifle? I can’t find one report of anyone seeing Cruz wearing assault gear or carrying an assault rifle to or from the school.

In the few minutes that Cruz had before the shooting started, he had to retrieve the rifle and the SWAT gear and put the gear on. Was two minutes all it took for Cruz to walk to the building where he stashed the rifle and gear, put it on, grab the rifle and start shooting? How did Cruz get the SWAT gear and the rifle to the school, and where did he change into the gear, and where did he leave the gear? Another question is how long does it take to put the gear on and take it off? Supposedly, there’s tapes from inside the building and stair wells, but the tapes are being withheld from the public. I would like to see the video of Cruz going into a room and coming out wearing SWAT gear.

I’m not defending Cruz or the Cops who waited outside while the shooting was in progress, but there’s compelling testimony that indicates things are not as they seem. During an interview with a KHOU reporter, one survivor said that she walked out of the building with Cruz while the shooting was still going on.

On top of that, several students and teachers reported that they were told to expect an active shooter drill that day. A teacher who survived the shooting also said in an interview that he was told to expect an active shooter drill that day. Could this be a coincidence? I guess it could if you believe in such coincidences.

In addition, a friend, who is a retired police chief, said this: “If the deputies were sent there for a drill, then they may have had orders to take up positions outside the building and wait for the SWAT team. They may have been under the impression that it was just a drill. I would like to talk to them and find out because their reactions were not standard procedure for a police officer. Judging by their response to the shootings, I have to conclude that they lacked adequate training and motivation, or they were under the misconception that it was just a training exercise.”

He added, “If the officers reacted to a shooting situation by taking cover, and they weren’t told to do that by someone higher up, then they were inadequately trained or unsuited for the job. In any case, the high sheriff should be held accountable for their failure to protect innocent civilians. After all, that’s a prime directive, or it should be, for any police department.”

Finally, there are compelling questions that need to be answered, but it would take an honest, unbiased investigation to answer those questions. The media and the FBI have shown that they can’t be trusted to honestly investigate or report on anything that may end up contradicting their own narrative. Political operatives have invaded most investigative agencies so the possibility of an honest, unbiased investigation is nearly an impossibility anymore. Israel can blame other cops and inanimate objects for his failure as a leader, but the truth has a way of shining through the dark veil that obscures it. In my opinion, it’s up to the people to investigate and ask questions that will shed light on what really happened because there’s no investigative agency or journalist that I would trust to do it.


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