The C.I.A. forms its own “All-Union Leninist Young Communist League” to promote gun control


How did these high school kids even think about making a video right in the middle of a supposed school massacre?!

SOTN Editor’s Note: The video posted at the following Los Angeles Times link says it all.

Are we to believe that these kids made a viral video while their Parkland Florida high school was in lockdown because of an ongoing mass shooting?  We’re talking about a polished anti0-gun video being made under extraordinary duress…or perhaps feigned duress because they all knew it was really just a drill.

It appears that the CIA’s primary organs of propaganda — like the Los Angeles Times and The San Diego Union-Tribune — were purposefully chosen to feature this unusually powerful piece for gun control because the Hollywood and Silicon Valley crowds would love it…and then promote it and only the Left coast can do.


State of the Nation
February 21, 2018

N.B. What follows is the LA Times headline for this nakedly cynical production made while the active shooter (read: Operation Gladio C sniper) was still roaming around the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.   Yeah, right!

Student David Hogg during Florida school shooting: ‘It’s time to take a stand’ on gun control

Student David Hogg filmed this video while his Florida high school was on lockdown because of an active shooter on campus Feb. 14. “Thousands of people have died from gun violence and it’s time to take a stand,” Hogg said, citing the need for stronger gun control laws. Seventeen people were killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

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