Trump Triumphant!


Thousand Oaks, CA
February 1, 2018

by Rich Scheck

A year into his presidency, Donald Trump stands triumphant, completely dominating
the political landscape despite the overt hostility of the Democrats, the Mainstream Media and those in his own party who embrace the Globalism his populist candidacy rejected.

As Roger Stone indicates in his summary of Trump’s State of the Union Speech (SOTU), his list of accomplishments is truly impressive:

I believe at least some of what he claims is exaggerated and self-promotional. But that
is part of the Trump style that got him elected. Irrespective of the underlying substance
of what he says about the state of the country, Trump has clearly made the case that it
is heading in the right direction and that he has delivered on his campaign promises.

We will see soon enough whether the economy has really improved with jobs and
growth across the cultural and ethnic board. If so, then the 2018 off-year election will
likely translate into an endorsement of his platform and leadership. Like James Carville
instructed Bill Clinton years ago, for most voters, “it’s the economy, stupid!”

The Democrats dream of imposing their socialist agenda is threatened. Despite the
withering attacks and endless scandal-mongering against him, Trump has emerged
at this critical moment virtually unscathed.

With the Mueller Russiagate investigation plagued by charges and counter-charges
of lies, most of the public has essentially tuned it all out to focus on personal needs
like family, work and community. Trump has benefited enormously from the chaos
with his straight ahead, energizer-bunny approach that got him into the White House
proving to be the formula that bodes well for his re-election effort, should he choose
to run again.

That is a long way from now. With a booming economy at his back, he could choose
to leave on a high note and avoid the constant badgering and attacks that he has
weathered so successfully since the summer of 2015 when he announced his plans.

Perhaps his dubious foreign policies choices will prove his undoing. Many on the left
and the right share a deep concern about his continuing the failed approach of previous
Administrations to rely so heavily on military force to deal with overseas challenges.
They debate whether Trump is truly taking on the Deep State or is his own version of
it where his America First approach is equivalent to the Pax Americana of the Neocon
and Neoliberal Globalists he verbally attacks.

But for most Americans, that is something they are far less interested in than crime, health, education and more income in their pockets. To the extent he delivers on that promise in real terms as well as in SOTU hype, Trump will be triumphant!

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