Soft Coup Against Trump Administration Still Very Much In Progress


Comment posted by Sam Houston

It is on the tip of everyone’s tongue but everyone refuses to acknowledge and say it. We are in the midsts of a well orchestrated COUP. This goes well beyond the pale of party politics. Long before Donald J. Trump ever announced that he would run for President, all 3 Branches of the Federal Government were being co-opted by the Progressive Left. This started long before Obama, Bush and Clinton. It goes all the way back through LBJ, FDR, and Wilson. Long have they corrupted the federal judiciary to steer laws in the direction that they have determined for their ideology. The key component to this has been this individualized, liberal interpretation of organic and codified law called the “Color of the Law”. With it, the courts have been weaponized against U.S. Constitution and any of their opponents.

No conspiracy theories needed, folks, as we are seeing this in real-time. They allowed the Obama regime to get away with treason, corruption and acts against the Constitution with his excessive overreaches of authority arrogated by the Executive Branch. Now, we see these same weaponized, fully biased federal district courts making unsound rulings, based on feelings and false pretenses, to block the statutory authority of President Trump. The latest being totally unlawful as a lower court cannot overrule a higher court. Couple this with the exposed Deep State, the total corrupt nature of the Mueller special investigation, the verifiable falsified dossier, the major conflicts of interests that exist, and the flow of money/intel in and out of the DNC, Obama White House, and Hillary campaign, and you have to face the fact that a soft coup is in progress. Btw, take note. Not all coups involved the military or violence in the streets, although we do see the Antifa, BLM, La Raza, and cair actions over the past 6 years as evidence that it’s on the horizon.


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